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Prime employers for women

Choosing where to work impacts women's success. Where Women Work showcases the impressive work and achievements of women, while shining a spotlight on the organisations supporting them. We motivate further women to achieve their potential and apply for careers with progressive employers who will actively support their success.

Progressive employers meet 10 important criteria

Prime employers for women collaborating with Where Women Work meet 10 fundamental criteria:

  • demonstrates executive leadership commitment to gender equality
  • embraces a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • forges a female hiring pipeline from early career to executive level
  • values and supports flexible working arrangements
  • provides formal avenues to address any concerns of discrimination
  • ensures women's inclusion from supply chain through to decision making
  • ensures marketing and communications are consistently free from bias
  • extends external support for women's advancement
  • monitors progress and outcomes from equality initiatives and activity
  • maintains external validation of progressive employer practice

From interns, apprentices and graduates through to experienced hires, returners and executives - Where Women Work helps support and attract a pipeline of female talent for organisations around the world.

To collaborate with Where Women Work, please reach out to us for a discussion.

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TOP 50 Employers for Women

Back in 2006, we founded the UK's TOP 50 list that features progressive employers and workplaces where women tend to thrive. Over a decade later, this pioneering TOP 50 list continues to go from strength to strength. Read more about this important resource here.

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