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The pros and cons of which employers to apply for and why

The pros and cons of which employers to apply for and why

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Should women only apply for jobs with market leaders?

Or should women specifically select to apply for jobs with the market laggards?

It's a complex question and both options have their pros and cons.

But, pending an applicant's desired career path, stage of career, skills and experience to date, and competitive status - there's certainly a lot of interesting facets to consider! 

In short, do you apply for the jobs with employers that already have lots of women?

Or should you apply for jobs with the employers that desperately need to recruit more women?

See where this is going?

Working for a market leader

Working for a female-friendly company that leads in its representation of women and gender equality achievements is likely to be a very progressive workplace that is diverse, inclusive and equitable.

But on the corollary, competition will be fierce from a gender perspective so visibility and career progress may be tough.

Working for a market laggard

Whereas, applying for a job with a market laggard when it comes to representation of women and gender equality performance means the employer desperately needs to recruit more women, so women's chances of being a successful hire may in fact be somewhat potentially higher.

The downfall of course is that perhaps there's an obvious reason fewer women choose to work there and that the gender equal rewards and work culture may be less than desirable.

That aside, perhaps the chances for women's visibility, career development and senior management experience is favorably higher.

So where does this leave us?

Should women make a beeline only to the top employers?

Or should women make informed and calculated decisions about which employers need more women, pinpointing exactly at what levels and roles further women must be recruited so as to hopefully increase their chances of success?

Besides, when women are present in growing numbers, positive change does occur - and it can be very rewarding to 'be the change you want to see!'

Be informed. Be selective. After all, the choice is yours!

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