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At Entain, everything they do revolves around their customers. Through their global scale and flagship brands, they leverage their technology and data insights to create products and experiences which bring moments of excitement into people’s lives.

Driven by tech, powered by people

Sports betting and gaming are changing, and Entain is leading that change. By putting people first. By placing exciting, engaging and entertaining experiences at more fingertips than ever before.

Entain is pushing boundaries further. With innovation. With technology. But most importantly, with people like you. Join Entain and win together.

The future of sports betting and gaming entertainment

Entain may sit in the FTSE100, but for millions of customers worldwide, they’re the brands they hold in their hands – and heart.

As the home of household names like Ladbrokes, PartyPoker, and Foxy, to name just a few, Entain brings moments of excitement to millions of customers every day.

And they're elevating themselves above the competition.

They’re leading the industry in bold new directions - and it’s their diverse and talented team who make this possible.

Believe them, the best is yet to come. For their customers. For their future. For your career.

Life at Entain

Entain women careers

Entain has a wealth of helpful information to help get a real feel of what Entain is like from the inside - so find out more.

A strong focus on sustainability

Entain proudly puts sustainability on an equal footing to their growth strategy.

They embrace their role within society and take the lead on the issues that matter to them: sustainability, diversity, and responsibility.

Entain has a strongly held belief that the most sustainable business in its industry will be the most successful.

The company publishes an ESG Report.

Entain's values

These four values guide every decision Entain makes and actions they take. They are vital to Entain's culture and are at the heart of how they work together, serve their customers and measure their success.

  • Do what's right - Entain always puts its customers first, leading in player protection to prevent potential harm. The company works in an environment where everyone can be themselves, without ego,acting with integrity. Entain keeps themselves honest and they aren’t afraid to speak out if something feels wrong.
  • Keep it simple - Entain makes it easy for its customers, focusing on them and solving for their needs. Entain is clear on its goals and who’s accountable for what, so they know what success looks like. Entain removes complexity wherever they find it because they all perform better that way. 
  • Go beyond - Entain is always curious, always improving, learning from success and setbacks to push forward. Entain has big ambitions, they surround themselves with the best, and they all put in the effort needed to deliver. Entain embraces change because that’s when
  • progress happens.
  • Win together - Entain all has the same vision and purpose, so they break down silos and share ideas. They never forget that they’re on the same side, so they always treat everyone the way they’d want to be treated. Entain finds inspiration in and celebrates the successes of its teammates because when they win, the company wins.

 Doing what’s right is what underpins the spirit and letter of this Code of Conduct. Entain wants to be known as a responsible company that its employees are proud of and its customers, partners and suppliers trust. Entain believes that long term, successful business relationships are built by being honest, open, and fair.

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