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Create your own legacy at William Grant & Sons

William Grant & Sons is an independent, family-owned premium spirits Company. When its founder William Grant established the Company in 1887, he had a vision to make the best dram in the valley. That vision stands true today as the company builds brands that are loved the world over. And it anchors the company to William Grant’s ambition to always produce liquid of the highest quality, and to maintain those quality standards in all that it does – in its production, distribution and marketing processes, and also in the way that its people treat each other.

William Grant is proud to provide a home where Rare Characters thrive.

The company is guided by its values and is inspired by the generations that have gone before it.

  • Sixth generation family owned
  • 2,900+ employees
  • 3rd biggest Scotch whisky business
  • 46 global locations
  • 200 markets
  • 18 distilling and bottling operations in five countries

Important values

Its values shape the way its people work together and living the values is one way to help achieve the company's vision. These values provide all its global employees with a common framework for guiding how the company acts, does business, and makes decisions. A collective work ethic and pride in these values are what drives William Grant forward.

  • Be responsible: They're responsible and accountable for their work as individuals, and within their teams.
  • Be proud: They are proud of their brands, heritage, and commitment to superior quality products.
  • Be professional: They value integrity, transparency, delivering on their commitments and having constructive debate within a team-working culture.
  • Think long term: They all care deeply about the long-term prosperity of the business and understand that this long-term perspective gives them a major competitive advantage.
  • Be sustainable: They always do the right thing for their people, the planet, and their business.
  • Embrace difference: They embrace their differences and work together to build on these and make them stronger.
  • Be entrepreneurial: They foster a forward-thinking and innovative culture that recognises the need for innovation and continuous improvement.

A home where Rare Characters thrive

William Grant women jobs

William Grant values all colleagues for their rare character, distinctive skills, experience and perspectives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is at the heart of how they do things at William Grant & Sons, fully aligned to its Purpose and Company Values. They strive to create an environment where they can all be their best and bring their whole selves to work.

As a family business with almost 3,000 employees globally, it’s important that they all continually recognise and celebrate the unique values, demographics and life experiences that their colleagues bring. Their rich diversity of thought is what brings them real innovation and success.

They’re pioneers at heart and that’s why they go out of their way to find different perspectives and unique insights, to allow them to foster creativity, innovate, and continue to drive sustained success.

A flexible environment

They know that, like a family, the foundation of good business is good relationships. That’s why they offer flexible working practices and they give genuine consideration to part-time working and job-sharing. They encourage their colleagues to find the right balance to enable them to reach their potential and create their own legacy at William Grant.

Doing the right thing

Their long-term goal is to protect their people, the planet, and their business. This is true of who they are, since the earliest days of the Company. Their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy sets how they can contribute to reducing the impact their activities have on their people, the planet, and business. It’s built on their seven Company values and has clear, measurable goals that they aim to meet by 2030.

Their continued success comes from the extraordinary people who make the company the best it can be.

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