Many talented women choose to work for Howmet Aerospace

Many talented women choose to work for Howmet Aerospace

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Howmet Aerospace encourages its employees to own their development and create a rewarding career path that draws on their aptitudes and supports their ambitions. 

One such employee is Gina Govojdean, metal flow path manager at Howmet Aerospace, who was named a Thomas NextGen for Industry award winner and an ISM 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars. Gina became one of the youngest procurement operations managers at Howmet Aerospace where she was responsible for procurement activities across five operating locations. In her role as metal flow path manager, she put into action a metals strategy focused on optimizing the market price of inputs and executed a risk-based approach to mitigate market exposure.

Gina is passionate about disciplined execution in manufacturing, bringing her experience in compliance and internal audit. She has some great advice for other professional women: "Always challenge what you're told, challenge what you know, and challenge the status quo."

What sets Gina apart from her peers is the fresh perspective on procurement that she undertook to get more experience in her career. To gain this perspective, she decided to leave procurement and took a role in internal audit. "I spent two years in internal audit traveling across the businesses and getting to see the manufacturing operations across every business unit that the company has," she explains. "It allowed me to build relationships and gain a deeper understanding of the processes across the entire company."

Outside of work at Howmet Aerospace, Gina talks to both undergraduate and graduate students at her alma mater in Pittsburgh about her experience in industry and supply chain, and her passion for manufacturing, an experience she's found incredibly rewarding. "Being able to [highlight] how STEM classes actually tie into industry really allows [the students] to take their long-term vision of what they're learning and how they're going to contribute to future companies to the next level," she says. "Focusing on STEM is critical for today's manufacturing industry and a key for them to be able to maintain long-term viability. A primary way for me to give back has been going back and talking to these students."

Advance your career at Howmet Aerospace 

Howmet Aerospace values the uniqueness of its employees. That's why it nurtures an inclusive, respectful and values-based company culture, where employees are comfortable being their authentic selves. 

Forge a career where you can be your authentic self.

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