Siemens Healthineers marks International Girls in ICT Day

Siemens Healthineers marks International Girls in ICT Day

 May 03, 2022

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Siemens Healthineers celebrated International Girls in ICT Day by inviting 80 teenagers to learn about careers in science and engineering from some of its best computer scientists, engineers, and even crystal growers. 

Gender inequality in STEM 

Science, technology, and innovation are key drivers of our increasingly global and digital society, yet we often hear that less than 30% of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professionals are women.

According to International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in tertiary institutions globally there is approximately half the number of girls studying STEM subjects compared to boys.

"With this inequality persisting through the 21st century, the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion of women in STEM is dire. The main goal of Girls in ICT is to cultivate the presence and digital skills of young women and girls [aged 12-24] in the career field of STEM, particularly ICT," the group explains. 

Safe and reliable access to the internet and digital tools

Access & Safety was the 2022 theme, highlighting that for girls and young women to thrive in STEM careers, they need safe and reliable access to the internet and digital tools.

According to ITU data, the proportion of women using the Internet globally amounts to 48 per cent, compared to 55 per cent of men.

"In relative terms, this means that the global Internet use gender gap stands at 12.5 per cent. If women are unable to access the Internet and feel safe online, they are consequently unable to develop the necessary digital skills and engage in digital spaces. This in turn diminishes their opportunities to pursue careers in STEM related fields. The 2022 theme hence seeks to encourage discussions and events aimed at overcoming the access and safety barriers that girls face when they aspire to pursue STEM studies and careers," explains ITU. 

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