Siemen Healthineers Shikha Pillai features in the media

Siemen Healthineers Shikha Pillai features in the media

 August 01, 2022

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Head of Strategy at the Development Center at Siemens Healthineers, Shikha Pillai, is spotlighted in the media for her significant contribution to the tech industry. 

ELE Times has highlighted Shikha in a feature titled Smashing the Stereotypes with Women in Tech

Tapping into a diverse talent pool

As part of the feature, Shikha explains, "Technology advances have transformed our way of living, and digitalization has enabled us to be connected across the world and function without disruptions, even during the pandemic. This underscores the importance of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to our future. STEM jobs are expected to grow over two times faster than others in the next decade. This calls for dedicated efforts to tap into a diverse talent pool and build a pipeline."

"While there has been increased momentum to have gender parity in STEM graduates and more Women in Tech in India, we still have a long way to go. Women face systemic barriers and implicit and explicit biases, hindering progress in their careers," Shikha continued. "Role models and representation can make a big difference here. Having more women experts and leaders in STEM, charts a path for many more in these fields. Senior women speaking up about their experiences, advocating for addressing challenges, and bringing up more women can help break the bias."

Shikha concluded, "Collectively, we need to do more to create equitable opportunities for all genders, and drive towards an inclusive and sustainable future."

Passionate about leveraging technology 

Shikha is a research & development and strategy leader with 20 years of experience in software and healthcare. 

Passionate about leveraging technology to address healthcare challenges, Shikha has focused on building product and innovation teams that deliver impactful outcomes.

In her current role for Siemens Healthineers, Shikha is responsible for strategic programs that enable portfolio expansion, digital transformation, technology and innovation collaborations in India, people excellence, and diversity and inclusion. 

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