Siemens Healthineers elects new Supervisory Board Members

Siemens Healthineers elects new Supervisory Board Members

 March 27, 2023

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Siemens Healthineers constantly brings breakthrough innovations to market, helping healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care, leading to the best possible outcome for patients.

Siemens Healthineers has elected Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Siemens Financial Services, Veronika Bienert, and Management Board Member of Bayer AG, Sarena Lin, as new Supervisory Board Members.

Electing new members of the Supervisory Board for first time

The Siemens Healthineers AG annual shareholders’ meeting approved all items on the agenda by a large majority. Four new Supervisory Board Members were elected at the virtual meeting, including Management Board Member of Bayer AG, Sarena Lin and CEO of Siemens Financial Services, Veronika Bienert, as well as Former CEO of Varian, Dow Wilson, and Chief Technology & Strategy Officer of Siemens AG, Peter Körte.

The mandates of Ralf Thomas, Marion Helmes, Nathalie von Siemens and Karl-Heinz Streibich were extended. The newly constituted Supervisory Board confirmed Ralf Thomas as Chairman, and elected Karl-Heinz Streibich as his Deputy.

Addressing the challenges of healthcare systems

Siemens Healthineers has more than 150 comprehensive partnership agreements with large customers worldwide; the order backlog from these Value Partnerships has grown to around four billion euros.

“After five years as a publicly listed company, we are the strategic partner of many of the world’s largest and most important healthcare providers.” said Siemens Healthineers Chief Executive Officer, Bernd Montag.

“Our company’s technologies and solutions address the great challenges of healthcare systems around the world: the rising number of the chronically ill, the shortage of personnel in medical professions and the roughly three billion people who lack access to medical care,” commented Bernd.

Providing advice and support on the Supervisory Board

"Yesterday, at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting in Munich, Germany, I was elected to the Supervisory Board of Siemens Healthineers. I would like to thank the shareholders for their great trust and look forward to providing advice and support to this great company from now on together with my other colleagues on the Supervisory Board, Peter Koerte, Prof. Dr. Ralf P. Thomas, Karl-Heinz Streibich, Veronika Bienert, Roland Busch, Dr. Marion Helmes, Peer M. Schatz, Dr. Nathalie von Siemens, and Dow Wilson," commented Sarena Lin regarding her appointment.

"My congratulations also to Veronika Bienert, Dow Wilson and Peter Koerte who yesterday were newly elected with me to the Supervisory Board of Siemens Healthineers," added Sarena.

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