Hear from Siemens Healthineers women in magnet technology

Hear from Siemens Healthineers women in magnet technology

 May 04, 2023

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From personal experiences with MRI diagnostic imaging, to their work in engineering, finance, quality and regulatory roles, Siemens Healthineers Magnet Technology colleagues in Oxford UK share their stories of how they contribute to the design and manufacture of superconducting MRI magnets.

Considerable training opportunities

"I've worked for Siemens Healthineers for five years now... I started as a maternity cover. When I started I knew quite quickly that I wanted to work there, so three months in I went in to my boss at the time and asked if I could be permanent, and luckily she agreed," explains Siemens Healthineers Learning & Development Manager, Alex Rowland.

"My boss gave me training opportunities, so that if the opportunities arose, I'd be ready for them. I know what I want in my career, and one of Siemens Healthineers slogans is 'own your career' and that's something I really took on board. If you know what you want to do, push for it and the opportunities are there. It' has been a great five years for me because I've had in my mind what I've wanted to do, and I've been given the time and the resource and training to get where I want to be."

Career progression options with great support 

Technician in Coil Impregnation, Linda Mitchell, has been with Siemens Healthineers or 32 years. "I think it's quite nice with the company because you get the opportunity to progress, but also if you feel that progression is not what you want, you don't have to. I'm a Tech 1, so I don't really want to progress to a Lead Tech position, however I do want to progress within my own area and take on training roles. That's how I feel that I can progress, without going a level up."

Returning from maternity to into a promotion 

Former PLM Project Accountant, Rebecca Coolin has been working for Siemens now for over a decade, and for Siemens Healthineers for most of that time. She started on the finance graduate scheme."Siemens Healthineers has always been really great and, especially coming from the finance graduate scheme, of making sure you want to develop, and you work towards that. I've been really lucky, I've had two children, so two maternity leaves since I've been at the factory and both times have been brilliant," attests Rebecca. 

After Rebecca's first maternity cover, her boss told her about a Research & Development (R&D) Financial Controller job coming up, and asked about her interest. Successfully securing the role, the position was a promotion for Rebecca. "That was really great to come back from maternity leave and be given the opportunity to have a promotion. And that's the role I've been doing since." 

A healthy work/life balance 

Quality Regulatory Affairs Engineer, Sarada Pendyala, attests to the supportive flexible working culture of Siemens Healthineers, having been with the company for a number of years now. "My husband has Chrone's Disease and he generally gets flare-ups at any time, so I need to be with him when he needs to go to hospital or needs help. My manager has given me the opportunity to prioritize the family, and then I can balance work later. He helped me, and the other team members wer also great in helping."

Enjoy a fulfilling career with Siemens Healthineers 

Siemens Healthineers offers great jobs with lots of flexibility and career progression options. 

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