Women discuss the vibrant work culture of Siemen Healthineers

Women discuss the vibrant work culture of Siemen Healthineers

 May 04, 2023

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Siemens Healthineers is committed to creating and supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Here Magnet Technology colleagues discuss the company's diversity and equality in the factory, and highlight the role they play in reaching out to schools and the wider community to elevate the work of women across their industry. 

Diversity and equality in the factory 

"My job is to try and see what other trainings we can put on, and we've had groups that do cross-cultural awareness training, and it's something that we like to push out to the wider factory because we work with so many nationalities... Being aware of how different people think, work, learn is really important for everybody of any nationality to understand each other," explains Siemen Healthineers Learning & Development Manager, Alex Rowland.

Technician in Coil Impregnation, Linda Mitchell, attests that at Siemens Healthineers there isn't any prejudice and that who is best for the role, secures the position.

"The women that we have here, and that you talk to are all really good at their jobs. They have not got their job because they're a woman. They've got that job because they're right for it."

"In my time we've had maybe five or six Finance Directors, and two of them have been female. So it's not necessarily always a male Finance Director. You can be a female and be a leader or a Director, you can have a baby and still be in a senior position, it doesn't stop you," shares Former PLM Project Accountant, Rebecca Coolin.

Gaining knowledge and unconscious bias training 

Quality Regulatory Affairs Engineer, Sarada Pendyala says: "Siemens Healthineers has a strong diversity & inclusion team. As a team member you're encouraged to bring external speakers in to give the knowledge about unconscious bias training, and it's really good to see all the departments and all the team members participating in this training."

"I felt personally over the past year that the diversity and inclusion is going the same way as the business. We've celebrated more events and there's been a lot more awareness on it, the team's really growing. We recently had a record-breaking number of women interns. Part of my role is to organize STEM activities, so I've been out to the primary schools. I go to the secondary schools when we do mock interviews. I also get involved in the Science Festival by planning how our booth's going to look and what's going to interest people the most," shares Alex. 

Rebecca highlights how Siemens Healthineers is leading the way in diversity and inclusion: "Some of the children come to the science fairs, and they see we have females working in engineering and in manufacturing, and as a female you don't have to go into a stereotypical role and I think Siemens Healthineers is helping encourage that by demonstrating you don't have to go down a particular route just because of your gender. Gone are the days of working in the offices or in manufacturing where you don't have to have no tattoos or wear a suit. It's a lot different now and I think Siemens Healthineers is really leading on that."

Siemens Healthineers offers an inclusive workplace 

Establishing a career in a diverse environment can support a successful career. 

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