What a Siemens Healthineers Senior Engineering Designer does

What a Siemens Healthineers Senior Engineering Designer does

 May 17, 2023

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Meet Siemens Healthineers Senior Engineering Designer for Magnet Technology in Oxford UK, Emily Latimer. Her main duty is to help design and develop MRI scanner products and tooling that the company uses for its manufacturing processes.


Work that positively impacts others 

Emily always wanted to work within the medical engineering industry, to be able to see her work positively impacting others. "It is also great having the factory, where we manufacture the MRI magnets, onsite so we can work closely with production to improve products and processes," she says. 

Emily's day usually consists of a mix of meetings and design and development. "The meetings could range from project planning to design reviews to speaking to suppliers, usually with a cross functional team. My design work would involve modelling in CAD and creating engineering drawings, ensuring the designs were fit for purpose, manufacture, and assembly and on budget. The work can be very varied which makes it exciting," says Emily.

She describes colleagues and the work culture of Siemens Healthineers as being very dedicated, friendly, innovative, ambitious and collaborative.

Advice for young people considering STEM careers 

Offering advice for young people considering a STEM career, Emily suggests: "Have a look into all the opportunities there are in STEM careers. There are so many avenues you can go into which I wasn’t aware of when I was at school, I am sure there would be something that would excite and interest you. I think it is a great and exciting area to work within. Also look at different ways to transfer into a STEM career, there are a much larger number of apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships these days as well as university degrees so have a look at what might suit you best. It is great to be part of Magnet Technology and having the opportunity to contribute to medical innovation, helping saves lives around the world. You are surrounded by knowledgeable and inspiring colleagues on daily basis and have lots of opportunities to develop professionally."

Designing new innovation can be challenging

When asked about the greatest challenges she faces, Emily highlights that designing new innovation can be challenging. "You can be working on something we have never done before; you don’t always know how it will perform or the outcome, but I guess that’s what makes it exciting too," she says. 

Discussing her role models, Emily says: "My mum and my brother have been my role models throughout my life and supported me to the career I am in today. I also work alongside many aspirational and knowledgeable colleagues that motivate me to be the best I can be."

And what are the most rewarding parts of her job? "I'd say seeing parts you have designed come into the factory and work successfully. Knowing the effort has paid off and had a positive impact," explains Emily. 

Enjoying an active life 

Outside of work, Emily has always enjoyed endurance sports. "I’ve always really enjoyed endurance sports; I grew up doing triathlon competitively and still swim cycle and run daily. I also enjoy learning new crafts. I’d love to learn to upholster furniture, mainly for my own benefit, so I can upcycle items around the house. I think it would be useful to know how to do."

Working for Siemens Healthineers means helping pioneer great breakthroughs 

Follow in the footsteps of Emily and discover a role that positively impacts others. 

Working in a STEM role at Siemens Healthineers can certainly prove to be a rewarding career choice. 


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