Siemens Healthineers engineer Sivani Moodliar describes her work

Siemens Healthineers engineer Sivani Moodliar describes her work

 June 13, 2023

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Inspired by the inclusive workplace culture at Siemens Healthineers, there are many women engineers working for the company to help shape the healthcare industry.

Considering a career at Siemens Healthineers? This leading medtech company looks for problem-solving, independent thinkers to help engineer breakthroughs in healthcare.  

One such talented engineer is Sivani Moodliar, an Applications Engineer for Siemens Healthineers in South Africa.

"Digital health has always been an industry I wanted to expand my career in. My academic background includes a BTech in Radiography and a Masters in Public Health which served me well in my prior role as a Training Consultant for medical and radiology devices. This experience has served me well in my current position as I can use my medical background knowledge to provide innovative IT solutions to real life problems," explains Sivani.

Describing her typical day

Sivani's typical day at Siemens Healthineers starts with a cup of tea while reading Microsoft Teams updates and emails. She usually checks her calendar for application trainings booked and works around these trainings to follow-up with her outstanding calls that require feedback to clients.

"A personal phone call to our clients is my best approach to get their problems clarified and a preferred solution offered. My goal is never to have a call open for more than 24 hours which does prove to be challenging at times, but my support has a direct impact on the patient and our service to the client is critical to every Healthineer," says Sivani.

"The Medical IT industry is constantly changing, and our product line is also improving. For me to be able to be on par with these changes I am constantly updating myself on the available features of our software. Dedicating time to my personal learning, preparation for future training sessions with clients and upgrading my skillset is also etched into each day on the job," adds Sivani.

Shaping the healthcare industry

When asked to define success, Sivani says: "Success for me is more than financial numbers and career positions; it’s about a sense of accomplishment and achievement in reaching my personal goals."

In terms of what motivates her, Sivani always looks at the big picture and who is going to benefit from the work that she does. "To me, the beneficiaries from my work is the doctor reporting on a CT case who provides a diagnosis to a patient who needs treatment. Knowing that I am helping a patient drives and motivates me every day. Our tag line at Siemens Healthineers is Shaping the future of healthcare and each day as an Applications Engineer, I can see how my contributions shape healthcare industry," explains Sivani.

Enjoying new challenges everyday 

Variety is Sivani's favorite aspect of working in engineering. "Every day poses a new challenge and there’s never a mundane day. There’s always a challenge that is encountered that needs attention. Challenges drive me to improve myself and push my limits. When you are pushing your limits, you are growing and learning," says Sivani.

Sharing advice for aspiring engineers

Sharing her advice for college graduates seeking to become engineers, Sivani says: "Somebody once told me to always aim to know more than you should in your work, and always think out of the box. Strive for knowledge, and you will always be reaching new heights."

Key skills for being a successful engineer

When asked about the top three skills needed to be a successful engineer, Sivani explains: "Being in the medical industry one needs to be understanding to the client’s needs. Our clients have their own pressures, and they want their problems taken care of. If we understand what their stresses are then we understand the importance of our jobs. Perseverance is especially needed when troubleshooting challenging issues. And lastly communication, if you can communicate with colleagues and clients then half your battle is won, since obtaining information from them is key to getting your job complete. Foster relationships within the team as we all support each other."

Using tools and resources to stay productive

Throghout her career, Sivani has discovered some great aspects to keep her focused and productive in her busy day-to-day schedule.

"Knowing the tools and resources I have available to me makes my work both feasible and productive. Work-life balance is very important to me and helps balance my time and energy at work. When you love what you do, your job doesn’t feel like work," says Sivani.

Extending learning beyond the current role

Sivani explains some key activities for future engineers to invest their time in.

"Invest time in yourself and improve your skill set as much as you can. Learning is ongoing and should never stop. One should not only learn within their current work environment, but also expand their knowledge outside their current roles," says Sivani.

Rewarding and challenging work

Sivani offers some final words of wisdom for young people forging a path in the medtech world.

"It’s not an easy industry to work in due to the high demands and pressures on you, however, persevere, and you will grow the experience needed to manage a client and provide the best solution possible. Working in this field is extremely rewarding because you are touching patient lives…stay the course," adds Sivani.

Enjoying her downtime

Outside of engineering, family-orientated Silvani enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking, because nature brings things into perspective. Silvani also goes exploring with her family to different parts of South Africa.

Silvani's creative side comes out in her love for the Indian Classical Dance art form, and she teaches youth in her community to embrace this art form. This provides Silvani with great joy, plus working with children also keeps her own playful side alive.

Digital health is an industry to expand a fulfilling career

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