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Women Returners enjoy Entains brilliant support

Women Returners enjoy Entain's brilliant support

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Returning to work can sometimes be a challenge on a number of fronts, so a supportive employer is key.

A 2023 Entain Returnship initiative has actively helped women reignite their careers and create a future where innovation knows no boundaries. This programme built on the objectives of  Entain's EnTrain initiative, a multi- million-pound global programme spearheaded by the Entain Foundation to promote increased diversity within technology.

Partnering with McLaren Racing to support returners in 2023

Entain wanted to reshape the world of work when it came to female representation, and bridge the gender gap in STEM.

Entain drove this commitment through a number of initiatives, such as its Entain x McLaren F1 Returnshipa six-month programme designed for women in STEM who have had a career break and wanted to get back into the workforce in 2023.

The Entain x McLaren Returnship supported skilled, senior women after a period of unemployment, underemployment, or reskilling. 

Designed to suit different women at different stages of their career, the Entain x McLaren Returnship has provided a practical, flexible and rewarding experience, with a hybrid working structure earning it multiple award wins.

Please note that the Entain x McLaren F1 Returnship is currently not live but read on to be inspired by some of their returners who secured permanent positions.

Offering mentoring, training and networking

Women on the returnship programme were supported by a one-to-one transitional coach specialising in return to work, as well as a workplace buddy and mentor to help them navigate the business. Participants were set clear, evolving objectives and provided with regular support and feedback. They also had an opportunity to work on key projects in both organisations and participate in bespoke coaching and networking programmes.

The returnship programme also connected participants with Entain's most senior executives through coffee chats that gave unrivalled insights into the businesses and invaluable professional connections. 

At the end of the returnship, there was a discussion of performance and progress and, where possible, permanent job opportunities at Entain were offered.

Celebrating a successful programme

The 2023 Entain x McLaren F1 Returnship  was a resounding success for both Entain and McLaren, as well as the programme's participants.

"Our group of fantastic women have been working within teams at either Entain or McLaren Racing in STEM roles, experiencing what it takes to power two organisations at the forefront of their industries. Furthermore, we’re so pleased that most of our returnees have now secured permanent jobs with either Entain or McLaren Racing!", said Entain Chief People Officer, Melanie Tansey.

Sharing further insights into the programme, Melanie, alongside McLaren Chief People & Sustainability Officer, Daniel Gallo, discussed the contribution, potential and power of women across their industries in a fascinating podcast episode.

Furthermore, two women on the programme, Rukhsora and Catherine, shared their experience, and how they benefited from Entain and McLaren's support.

Learning a better work-life balance 

Rukhsora overcame language barriers to showcase her incredible technical background. Through coaching, mentorship and a supportive network, the Entain x McLaren Returnship empowered Rukhsora to shine and learn how to better balance work and life after a long career break.

“The returnship programme gave me that opportunity to learn about my confidence, and how I can keep continuing to grow my confidence," explained Rukhsora.

Retraining from social media to UX

Meanwhile, Catherine, another Entain x McLaren Racing returnee, made a game-changing decision to retrain from social media to UX that took her talent to new heights.

“Progress is never linear. Things never happen in a straight line. If you are really interested and believe in what you want to do, then I would recommend that you go for it," said Catherine.

Enjoy a supportive work culture at Entain 

Looking to broaden your career horizons after a career break?

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