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Looking for a career change?

Looking for a career change?

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The world of sports betting and gaming is changing, and Entain leading that change by pushing boundaries further with innovation, with technology, and with its people. 

As home to gaming and sports betting’s biggest brands, millions of people enjoy Entain's products at their fingertips every day. This massive reach is made possible by cutting-edge technology. But it’s the people behind the tech and the talent within its teams who enable Entain to lead digital entertainment in these bold new directions. 

Join Entain, and watch your career grow too, in whichever area of the business that excites you most.

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture

Entain's vision is to be the world leader in betting and gaming, and the company knows that the most successful businesses are the most sustainable ones.

Sustainability drives everything Entain does and doing what’s right is one of its core values. Diverse teams have more creativity, imagination, innovation and problem-solving capabilities. And Entain knows it will have a better impact in the marketplace because these teams will deeply understand consumers’ needs, wants and challenges, which creates greater career opportunities and happier customers.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are key to sustainability and success. Entain's goal is to attract, engage and retain the best talent globally, bringing the best thinking to its business from inside and outside of its sector.

Entain's ambition is to make sure everyone at the company feels valued, respected and included. Inclusion is embedded in everything it does, because Entain knows when people feel respected and heard, they do their best work.

Supporting employees through networks

Entain employee networks

One way that Entain creates an inclusive culture is through its Employee Networks. These networks empower people to connect, collaborate, and thrive. They are a huge part of creating a globally inclusive support system for Entain's people. 

For example, Women@Entain is where Entain women, and their allies, can network, mentor and inspire each other. Meanwhile, Pride@Entain gives LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies a place to educate, celebrate and connect. These, alongside Entain's many further networks, are all about giving the many communities that make up its diverse workforce a safe space where they can feel accepted, heard and valued. And Entain's BlackProfessionals@Entain provides a community where individuals can come together to learn, appreciate, and celebrate.

Entain takes pride in providing a platform where individuals can come together to learn, appreciate, and celebrate Black history. The ongoing struggle for equality and justice is a journey that Entain is committed to supporting. Entain believes that by creating an inclusive environment, the company can make a positive impact on society. Entain is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, and it continues to uphold these values as it moves forward.

A day of education, training, and discussion

These networks often host events that bring together Entain employees. One event saw retail employees take part in a day of education, training and discussion across UK cities - Manchester, Leeds, and London.  Supported by Entain's Senior Retail Leadership and Executive team, the event aimed to inspire and educate people about the Women@Entain and Pride@Entain employee networks.

Nearly 200 retail colleagues came together to share their stories, inspire each other and challenge themselves, their thinking and their ways of working. There was networking, special guests, training and discussions with both members and allies of these networks, all focusing on the message that being inclusive is everyone’s responsibility.

Not only was this event important for Entain's retail colleagues to create a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for customers, but also for each other. These sessions were the perfect opportunity for people to share lived experiences and learnings with one another as well as sharing ways to support their shop teams that have totally different experiences, cultures and diversities.

Steering women's careers towards success

Entain IWD

Meanwhile, over in Europe, Entain Senior Planning & Programme Manager, Lizzie Crutchfield, created Women in Power, the Gibraltar women's group under Women@Entain. Lizzie organised Women in Power Live, an event to equip women with tangible skills, foster shared experiences, and steer careers towards success. Over 160 women at Entain enjoyed a day of speakers, panel discussions and workshops.

"I knew I wanted a platform for practical skills and talking to the women around me revealed that many of us were facing workplace challenges without solutions. Recognizing our collective talent, I launched Women in Power with three goals: to learn tangible skills, to share experiences, and to put us in the driving seat of our careers. Through #WomenPowerWednesday posts in our chat group, discussions in the workshops and genuine connections we built a supportive community, and shared techniques," says Lizzie.

My aspirations for Women in Power include continued growth, global expansion, and contributing to a more diverse and sustainable Entain. The voice of a group like the one we've built is incredibly powerful, and we can use that to influence policy, inspire and propel women. There's been interest from our leadership team for a programme that identifies key areas of challenge, and solutions that will lead to us attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent globally, bringing the best thinking to our business from inside and outside of our sector. So watch this space!" adds Lizzie.

A commitment to sustainability

As a major league player, Entain is aware of the impact that its brands have on communities, customers and places all over the world. So, Entain puts great effort into ensuring it leaves a positive footprint everywhere it treads.

That’s why Entain only operates in regulated markets. Why Entain put millions into community initiatives and partnerships with local and global charities. And why Entain is already ahead of its emission reduction targets. Entain is acting as an industry role model for what responsible governance should look like, to create great results for its people, customers, and planet.

Now is an exciting time to join Entain

Entain is on track to becoming the world leader in sports betting and gaming, and this is just the beginning of its story.

Entain's aim is to attract and retain a diverse workforce of people who are passionate about what they do, who live Entain's values, and want to do their best for its customers.

The next chapter of the Entain story is going to be epic on a truly global scale. Help Entain write it - search their jobs.

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