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Forge a fulfilling career at Entain, a values-driven company

Forge a fulfilling career at Entain, a values-driven company

 April 30, 2024

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Strong relationships - both personal and professional - are built on shared values. Employees who share a company's values are more likely to enjoy greater job satisfaction, better performance, and a desire to stay and grow with the company.

Entain is a values-driven organisation where its people can forge meaningful work within the company's supportive culture.

Entain's values 

Learn more about the Entain values below. 

1. Do what's right

Entain always puts its customers first, leading in player protection to prevent potential harm.

Entain works in an environment where everyone can be themselves, without ego, acting with integrity.

They keep themselves honest and aren't afraid to speak out if something feels wrong.

2. Keep it simple

Entain makes it easy for its customers, focusing on them and solving for their needs.

Entain is clear on its goals and who's accountable for what, so they all know what success looks like.

They remove complexity wherever they find it because they all perform better that way.

3. Go beyond

Entain is always curious, always improving, learning from success and setbacks to push forward.

Entain has big ambitions, they surround themselves with the best, and they all put in the effort needed to deliver.

They embrace change because that's when progress happens.

4. Win together

Entain has the same vision and purpose, so they break down silos and share ideas.

Entain never forgets that they're on the same side, so they always treat everyone the way they'd want to be treated.

They find inspiration in and celebrate the successes of its teammates because when they win, Entain wins.

Work for a values-led company

Millions of people enjoy Entain products at their fingertips every day. This massive reach is made possible by cutting-edge technology. But it’s the people behind the technology and the talent within Entain teams that enable Entain to lead digital entertainment in bold new directions. 

Ready for an exciting career at Entain.

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