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Meet Entain Talent Acquisition Partner Hazel in Manila Philippines

 June 18, 2024

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Working with a company that recognises the talent of its employees can be highly rewarding.

Entain Manila is a hub for many exciting and innovative future plans. Entain is regarded as a world-class employer in the country, and is committed to supporting its colleagues throughout their careers.

Meet Hazel, who is based in Manila where she handles hiring for Entain UK's creatives team.

Learn more about Hazel's Entain career and the benefits colleagues receive.

Promoted to Recruiter

Within Hazel's role with Entain, alongside handling the technical hiring for the UK creative team, she is also handling the support team, including Finance, Salesforce, Workforce and Compliance.

"I started working as an Associate, but after four months I was promoted to Recruitment Partner," explains Hazel.

Supported by her Entain colleagues

Hazel explains that her sister's mother filed a petition 20 years ago, with the papers coming through in 2018 or 2019. After processing the papers, they went to the US Embassy and the US Consulate, where it was discovered that Hazel's parents could go to the US, whereas Hazel herself was classified as over-aged and so was unable to go.

"I don't have any choice but to stay here, so it's quite hard. I thought living alone would be quite fun and exciting, since I can do what I want and go where I like. But technically, it's not. Whenever I'm sick, I don't have anyone who's with me. I have to pay my own bills living alone, knowing my responsibilities," explains Hazel. "The good thing is I have my colleagues with me. They're very considerate, and they're very kind."

Wide range of employee benefits

"Entain has been my second home for quite a long time. They offer good benefits. For example, the HMO, the life insurance, the salary increases that we have, and of course, the annual bonus. So that's a good thing," attests Hazel.

Helping others embark on a career with Entain

For Hazel, her favourite part of her job with Entain is hiring those who are unemployed. Hazel describes, for example, she was able to assist someone who had been looking for a job for five to six months, and she was able to offer him a role.

Being able to play a purposeful role in her career is highly rewarding for Hazel. "I think that's my favourite part of my job," she suggests.

Hazel shares that in five years' time she would love to still be working with Entain.

Outside of work, Hazel has a passion for K-pop that began in 2020 when she was unemployed, as well as being in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. She adds that most of the companies were on a hiring freeze, so she had time to explore YouTube during her free time and found enjoyment watching Korean bands.

Be supported and recognised in a great role at Entain

Entain is committed to finding inspiration in and celebrating the successes of its people.

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