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Entain asks its people What makes a good work day?

Entain asks its people 'What makes a good work day?'

 May 09, 2024

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What makes a good day at work?

Everyone has different answers to this question, but companies should make sure all employees receive the same support.

People-focused company Entain delivers solutions to enable its employees to be their best selves at work.

Here, Entain colleagues share their thoughts on what makes a good day at work. Do you agree?

Enjoying the challenge of pressure

"For me, it's about the right level of pressure."

Adding value and collaborating

"When I collaborate well with my team and add value."

Receiving wellbeing support 

"Having the services and tools to support my mental health."

Empowered by leadership 

"Being empowered by a manager that values me and cares about my wellbeing."

Successfully completing tasks 

"Bossing my to-do list and ticking off tasks at the end of the day." 

Asking the team for help 

"Being able to ask for help if I'm struggling."

Whatever makes a good day, Entain can make it happen

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