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Entain Junior Designer Ruth works on creative and innovative projects

Entain Junior Designer Ruth works on creative and innovative projects

 April 16, 2024

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Ruth is a Junior Designer in Entain's in-house creative team, better known as Entain Creative.  

Here she shares why she decided to join Entain and why the company is a great fit for her. 

Inspired by innovative projects

Ruth chose to work for Entain after she came across some of the creative work during an internship. Seeing the innovative projects sparked her curiosity.

"As I am at the beginning of my career, I’m looking for new opportunities and to be taken out of my comfort zone. Entain seemed like the perfect place to challenge myself and explore new industries," explains Ruth.

Working within a supportive team

In her first weeks at Entain, the team went above and beyond to make Ruth feel right at home - from easing her into the process and fostering an environment where questions were encouraged. Weekly one-to-one sessions with her manager provided invaluable guidance and a space to discuss not only work-related matters but also life in general.

"Feeling supported and valued from the start has made all the difference in my onboarding," says Ruth.

Feeling a sense of belonging

When asked about her most exciting experiences since joining Entain, Ruth says: "Making new friends and feeling a sense of belonging within the creative team. Walking into an environment where collaboration and support are the norm is refreshing. After all, the people you work with can make all the difference in your day-to-day life."

Starting a new job can be a time of discovery 

Ruth also shares her valuable career advice: "If you’re still looking for a new role, don’t give up. Any setback is an opportunity for growth. It can take a toll on your confidence, but it builds character and makes you work even harder to get where you need to be. Keep honing your skills, attend workshops, network and ask for advice! It’s okay to branch out and do something that’s new. Starting a new job gives you the space to discover things you didn’t even know you wanted."

Looking to the future 

Ruth is looking forward to all the projects she will work on at Entain

"I hope to look back on my journey at Entain with a sense of achievement, knowing that I've grown both personally and professionally," she says.

Looking for an exciting new career?

Entain supports the learning and career goals of its people from day one, then gets behind with all the support needed to take a career to new heights.

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