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AECOM leaders speak at major women in construction conference

AECOM leaders speak at major women in construction conference

 May 12, 2022

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AECOM leaders Lara Poloni, President and Bridget Ssamula, Senior Director, Key Accounts & Cities, are speaking at Engineering News Record's Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference to highlight how AECOM's people are breaking barriers and building infrastructure with social impact. 

Infrastructure shapes society's progress

AECOM Women in Construction - Lara Poloni

Lara presents the closing keynote A World of Opportunity on the first day. Her presentation addresses how infrastructure shapes how we live, our lives, and how society makes progress. When done right, infrastructure creates opportunities for everyone. In her remarks, Lara Poloni will trace her nearly 30-year career journey from urban planner to AECOM global president against the backdrop of shifting industry trends that now prioritize infrastructure’s unique role in delivering social impact, uplifting communities and creating sustainable legacies. 

Addressing issues affecting underserved communities

AECOM Women in Construction

AECOM's Bridget Ssamula presents a session titled Technology at Human Scale-Fostering Equity in Decision Making.

Bridget's session focuses on the ability to holistically address issues affecting underserved communities requires multiple partnerships working in concert to turn legislative policy into actionable items. Technological tools using GIS and other proprietary software can identify where and how the design and functionality of transportation, public works, and overall planning systems affect communities. By tracking progress through real quantifiable metrics, technology has the ability to create department and agency accountability with regular reporting requirements and review by city councils and the public to promote meaningful change in communities.

Bridget's presentation features a panel discussion of case studies that utilized technology to foster equity in myriad systems from across the U.S.: transportation, publics works, and urban planning. The discussion focus areas include a look at how using technology allowed forecasting to provide equitable accessibility to local and regional destinations and provided planners and public works departments the necessary information to identify disparity and improve equity.

Career success in an ever-shifting industry 

The Groundbreaking Women in Constructiion conference is said to serve as a catalyst that helps women expand their presence, influence and career success in an ever shifting industry—and to share, learn, challenge and inspire in their organizations.

Attendees visit from architecture, engineering, consulting, contracting and related businesses.

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