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AECOM forges TechEx Factor via learning, innovation, bold ambition

AECOM forges TechEx Factor via learning, innovation, bold ambition

 July 04, 2024

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AECOM is committed to building its TechEx Factor by providing continuous learning opportunities for its colleagues across the world.

During her 30-year journey with the company, AECOM's President, Lara Poloni, has seen a constant evolution in AECOM's work. But, what has remained constant is the technical excellence of its teams.

Read more from Lara on how AECOM invests in the technical skills of its 52,000 professionals and supporting their successful careers.

Opportunities to develop new technical skills

Lara explains that she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to build her career at AECOM for over 30 years.

"The way we work has changed a lot over that time, but that feeling of pride that comes from delivering the right technical solution for our clients has remained a constant — it never gets old, and it powers our culture of TechEx," says Lara.

"I often hear that people join AECOM for the opportunity to address some of the world’s biggest infrastructure challenges, and they stay because those opportunities keep coming — not just the projects to work on, but the chance to develop new technical skills, to work alongside the industry’s best technical experts, and to build careers that make a real impact on the communities we serve."

AECOM President TechEx Factor

Continuous learning is critical for delivering excellence

AECOM's industry is rapidly-evolving, and continuous learning is critical to the company's ability to deliver excellence today, and every day.

"AECOM’s Global Technical Academies are ‘built by us, for us,’ leveraging the skills of AECOM's own experts to provide structured technical training courses that build knowledge and networks, extend skills, and grow careers," explains Lara. "Thousands of our team members around the world are participating to power their own professional and technical development, and help sharpen our competitive edge. During a site visit to the multi-award winning Tseung Kwan O Lam Tin Tunnel in Hong Kong — a project we helped deliver — I saw first-hand the transformational impact we can make when passion, pride and industry-leading technical expertise combine." 

AECOM colleagues are advancing their careers through applying skills gained

AECOM asked some of its Global Technical Academy alumni to share how they are applying the skills gained through participation to further advance their careers.

Renee McKay, Graduate Sustainable & Resilience Consultant for AECOM in Wellington, New Zealand

AECOM Graduate Sustainable & Resilience Consultant

“The Sustainable Legacies Technical Academy courses helped me bridge the gap between university and work. Particularly helpful for me were the courses on the assessment of climate change risks, adaptation pathways, and reporting frameworks. These have prepared me for the emerging task in our New Zealand team of helping businesses and organizations (particularly in the energy sector) assess their climate risk and become more aware of their possible weaknesses to climate change as well as in the transition to a zero-carbon economy,” shares Renee.

Mira Bourova, GIS Manager for AECOM in Chicago, United States


“In the Summer of 2023, I participated in the Sustainable Legacies: Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation, and Transportation Innovations courses. As a GIS Manager with AECOM for more than five years — and with a 20-year career in GIS — I was looking for a better understanding of the projects AECOM is involved in when the discussion comes to addressing sustainability and innovations in transportation. As a result of participating in these Academy courses, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of the processes, procedures, and expectations in our company, allowing me to better support my Florida Transportation team and my new Chicago team. I think these are valuable courses to take,” says Mira.

Monica Waits, Rail Deputy Department Manager for AECOM in Philadelphia, United States

AECOM Rail Deputy Department Manager

“Completing the Transit Rail Network course within our Transportation Academy has broadened my outlook on AECOM's technical capabilities, and expanded my professional network. The Academy modules were conducted in a way that allowed me to balance my professional development with my design work, and I appreciated having the opportunity to exchange knowledge — and build relationships — with a diverse group of participants from around the world. I can now apply the lessons I’ve learned to the projects I am designing,” explains Monica.

Kamalen Diaz, Civil Engineering for AECOM in Austin, United States

AECOM Civil Engineering

“As a young engineer with just over a year of experience, the Transportation Academy’s Transportation Innovations course was transformative for me, providing an overview of transportation innovations, implementation, and operations and alternative delivery contracting approaches, all of which broadened my understanding of the transportation industry and AECOM’s role within it," comments Kamalen.

"I have applied my newly-developed skills on projects already — providing technical support for the implementation of a state DOT Cooperative and Automated Transportation (CAT) Program. This opportunity allowed me to apply the innovative concepts learned and collaborate with fellow course participants and experts. The academy promotes both professional and personal growth, and I highly recommend it to young professionals looking to grow within AECOM and the transportation industry as a whole.”

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