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AECOM offers excellent sustainability-focused careers

AECOM offers excellent sustainability-focused careers

 June 24, 2024

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Looking to work for a very sustainability-focused company?

AECOM's Sustainable Legacies strategy explains the company's ambitious objectives across a number of key pillars:

  • Embedding sustainable development and resilience across its work
  • Improving social outcomes
  • Achieving net-zero
  • Enhancing its governance

AECOM is at the forefront of sustainable practices

AECOM's 2024 Sustainability Report highlights the company's ongoing and unwavering commitment to delivering a better world. From providing clients with leading sustainability and resilience-related consulting services to embedding sustainable principles across all aspects of its operations, AECOM is proud of its work to uplift communities and improve lives.

“Over the past year, we’ve made significant progress on various initiatives, placing us at the forefront of sustainable practices. This has not only extended our competitive advantage as industry leaders but also enabled us to lead more comprehensively, delivering for both clients and the communities we serve,” says AECOM's Chief Executive Officer, Troy Rudd.

Committed to embedding sustainability and resilience

Since launching its Sustainable Legacies strategy, AECOM has taken bold action as an enterprise to put sustainability and resilience at the forefront of its business, and to leave a positive and lasting impact on people and the planet, through its work.

"With accelerating investments in global infrastructure, sustainability, and the energy transition, we remain steadfast in our core commitments to continue to embed sustainability and resilience in our project work, improve social outcomes, achieve net-zero emissions, and enhance our governance," shares AECOM President, Lara Poloni.

"To help address the impacts of climate change, our ScopeX approach is identifying opportunities to reduce carbon emissions on our projects. We continue to work with our supply chain partners to decarbonise our own operations, while taking every opportunity to work with diverse businesses to deliver our projects. Through our growing ESG advisory offering, we're sharing our industry-leading expertise to help our clients to progress their own sustainability, resilience, and net-zero plans, with a focus on nature-based solutions, and the opportunities presented by the global energy transition," comments Lara .

AECOM President

Promoting women's representation and gender diversity

Lara says the company has made significant strides in achieving its gender diversity goals, particularly in promoting women's representation across all levels at AECOM.

AECOM knows it can make the biggest impact when its teams reflect the diverse communities that the company serves. Women's representation at all career levels continues to increase, and the company is fostering a culture where differences are encouraged and valued, a culture and workplace where everyone can thrive.

"We're filled with pride about what we've achieved, and excited about what's to come, as we work together to deliver a better world," says Lara.

Looking to join a sustainably-focused employer?

AECOM is committed to achieving net-zero emissions, improving social outcomes for its clients and communities, and fostering a culture of inclusion and respect.

Bring expertise, skills and a unique perspective to help AECOM solve its clients’ biggest challenges.

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