Honeywell has a supportive work culture for women returners

Honeywell has a supportive work culture for women returners

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Women working at Honeywell are enjoying longer maternity leave and feel supported in returning to the workplace.

Honeywell provides competitive maternity and paternity policies to enable its people to take the time they need, ensure those on leave are able to keep in touch with the business, and help returners as they transition back into work.

Honeywell India's Return to Work program

Through webinars, support buddies, role reviews and more, Honeywell Return to Work program in India supports its women employees through their entire parental journey covering all three stages - before, during and after maternity. What makes the program truly special is that women who are planning to embark on the journey of parenthood know they can receive support from the initial stages of pregnancy itself. 

The Honeywell Pregnancy Care program covers counselling and support during pre-birth – pregnancy through trimesters, dietary requirements – to neonatal – wellness steps and exercises during pregnancy and childbirth – and culminates in the hand-holding process of returning to work. This constant relationship ensures that the employee is fully supported in her transition back into the workplace.

Return to Work India Honeywell

Key components of the Honeywell Return to Work program are:

  • Assigning a ‘buddy’ to the employee on the day her maternity leave begins
  • The buddy is tasked with helping the soon-to-be-mother remain connected, by sharing information on organizational changes, policy deadlines, project updates, and other relevant matters, while she is on leave
  • Managers and the employee’s teams provide focused training for her when she returns, so she is quickly updated
  • Her manager identifies a role/ project for her when she is ready to re-enter the workforce and shares these details at least 15 days in advance of her date of re-joining.

Preparing for motherhood with support from Honeywell

Honeywell mothers

Honeywell has a structure in place which allows expectant parents to relax safe in the knowledge that they can return to work feeling ready for the challenge.

Michelle Hannan shares how receiving a four-week increase to her paid leave will help her recover after the birth of her baby. When Michelle found out about the increase in paid leave, she thought the timing was perfect.

She says: “I was about four months pregnant when the announcement came out. This is going to help relieve a lot of the stress about deciding when to return to work. It will give me more time to focus on caring for my new baby and not worrying about having to take unpaid time off."

Hear from more Honeywell mothers about their experiences of balancing work commitments and personal lives.

Join these inspirational women at Honeywell

Honeywell provides competitive maternity and paternity policies to help its workers prepare and take the time they require. The company also helps returners as they transition back into the workforce.

There is not time like the present to search and apply for a career at Honeywell and think about taking those first steps back into employment.


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