Colts values drive the companys purpose and vision

Colt's values drive the company's purpose and vision

 September 26, 2022

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Working for a values-based company is rewarding, and working for Colt Technology Services means adopting a common set of values at the heart of how it does business.

"These values identify not only what we do, but how we do it. They’re not 10 commandments or rules that are written in a handbook," explains Colt Vice President of Culture, Change & Diversity, Louisa Gregory. "They are the essence of our identity and tell a story of who we are and how we’re delivering on our purpose and vision – to change the way the world works through the power of connectivity and to become the most customer-oriented business in our industry."

"These values are what set us apart and we’re grateful to everyone who helped bring them together. Hopefully, you are already experiencing them in your interactions with us and seeing the difference it makes to you and your business."

Discover Colt's values that underpin the company's work, transforming the way the world works through the power of connectivity.

Trust, honesty, respect, and integrity

Whether it’s a customer, a partner, or an employee, Colt builds relationships based on trust, honesty, respect, and integrity. The company values diversity and strives to be more inclusive so everyone has the freedom to speak up, be heard, and thrive.

Finding a better way

By staying one step ahead, Colt empowers customers to succeed through the power of connectivity.

Colt is swift to adapt and takes responsibility for the promises it makes.

Winning together

Colt believes in the power of many and stands shoulder to shoulder with customers, partners and colleagues collaborating on ideas, sharing risks and recognition among all.

When Colt makes a decision the company understands its impact, and rallies behind the decision to make it a success.

Changing the world

Colt wants to make the world a better place. Better connected, more sustainable, fairer for all.

The company and employees use what they have – passion, technology, and connectivity – to create good.

Work for a company driven by positive values

Colt's shared values and beliefs have a positive impact on employees and their work, as well as the wider community.

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