Meet Colt Barcelona Senior Sales Account Executive Sonia

Meet Colt Barcelona Senior Sales Account Executive Sonia

 September 28, 2022

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Colt values diversity and strives to be more inclusive so that everyone has the freedom to speak up, be heard and thrive.

The company prides itself on the diverse backgrounds of its employees as it knows it brings unique insights and true local expertise.

Meet Sonia Boukari, a Senior Sales Account Executive based in Barcelona with Colt.

She has a passion for exploring the world and experiencing new activities.

Practicing activities with Colt colleagues

Sonia knows Kung Fu and likes the fact that she could protect herself if she needed to.

"My uncle used to do Kung Fu so I started when I was four years old – I started watching Bruce Lee movies with him and then I was obsessed. For years I went in secret, then at some point we needed to pay the school so I had to tell my parents. You don’t get belts in Wushu Kung Fu, which is what I was training in, but I ended up doing it for 14 years," she explains.

"A friend of mine at Colt has never tried Kung Fu and he wants to give it a go, so we’ve found a place near the office and we’re going to go," adds Sonia.

Thriving in new experiences

Sonia enjoys doing things that are a little bit different, from exploring new cities and countries, to trying new foods and experiencing new activities.

"I like picking up a map, pointing it to somewhere, and just going," says Sonia.

"Once a month I try to go to a new country or new city, just for the weekend. I’ve got plans to go to Marrakech and Istanbul next."

"I think you need to do something different to recharge your batteries, whether that’s a new activity or trying a new food," says Sonia.

Succeed in a rewarding career

Colt has a highly expansive network and gives its employees access to some of the world's most vibrant cities.

Explore all the career opportunities with Colt.


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