Fumie Nozawas self-reflection led to a dream career at Colt

Fumie Nozawa's self-reflection led to a dream career at Colt

 September 29, 2022

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Colt is focused on the impact good ideas can have, priding itself on creating an open environment where employees can define their career with the effort they put in and the skills they develop with the company.

Meet Colt's Fumie Nozawa, Service and Contract Manager, based in Japan, who shares her career journey here.

Discovering success as an independent person

Prior to beginning her career with Colt, Fumie discovered a sense of independence that she harnessed through traveling.

"I’m from a town called Nagoya, which is about two hours on the bullet train from Tokyo. My mum lives by herself at the moment, so I go and visit her about once a month. I asked her to come and live with me but she said no. She’s a very independent person. I inherited that spirit from her," says Fumie.

"The first time I ever went abroad I was 19 and I went backpacking by myself to Germany for 35 days. I didn’t even book any hotels before I left, I just went. I never questioned why I went by myself, it was natural for me, I just wanted to travel alone. I still enjoy it."

"When you travel alone, particularly to a foreign country, you spend a lot of time in your own company, talking to yourself. There’s a lot of self-reflection to be done and for me, that’s the most attractive part of it all," she explains.

Building her dream career with Colt

After spending time traveling alone, Fumie reminisces on the time she had to self-reflect, and how she was able to realize where her career path would take her.

"In my late 20s, I moved to Silicon Valley alone and when I was there I spent some time reflecting and I decided that my dream was to build my career in the international telecoms field. And my dream came true – now I work at Colt," comments Fumie.

Colt is committed to investing in its people

With an open and inclusive workspace, Colt encourages its employees to be curious, contribute to the culture, and challenge the status quo.

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