Colts Network 25 addresses menopause in the workplace

Colt's Network 25 addresses menopause in the workplace

 September 30, 2022

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With an open company culture and supportive leadership team, women at Colt feel empowered to hold events that explore wellbeing and gender diversity.

The Colt women’s network, Network 25, has been raising awareness around the menopause via internal events and initiatives. 

Helping women recognize menopause symptoms

Colt CEO

One such event invited a doctor to discuss the menopause, including advice on how to recognize symptoms. The session highlighted the importance of personally knowing what to look out for if someone is struggling.

Colt leadership also supported the event, with CEO, Keri Gilder [pictured above], along with Sales Effectiveness Director, Christine Poole, and Director of Global Business Partner Marketing, Jenni Sach, speaking personally on their experiences with the menopause. 

Inviting further guest experts to discuss the topic

Colt hosted another guest expert, Katie Taylor, to speak on the topic. Katie, a speaker from The Latte Lounge, an organization that supports women over 40, discussed the menopause from her own experience.

In her talk, Katie referenced what is known as the ‘sandwich generation’ – the heavy load of juggling children, caring for older parents and dealing with menopausal bodily changes. This situation often leads to women having little time to focus on themselves, making it difficult to manage and cope with their symptoms.

Supporting employees with resources 

Following the events, Colt's women's network sent out resources, such as links to charities, detailed information on symptoms, and the names of local organizations to contact for support.

The network also created guidance documents for people experiencing menopausal symptoms and for managers who want to know how to support someone in their team going through it.

Booking a meeting with a manager can be daunting, but having a guidance document that outlines managing symptoms at work can be a very practical tool for all employees and managers to encourages conversation.

Work for a company supporting women

Colt aims to promote diversity and gender balance. 

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