Dorra Ben Naceur enjoys a globally connected career at Colt

Dorra Ben Naceur enjoys a globally connected career at Colt

 September 29, 2022

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Colt's international presence connects global teams across Europe, Asia and North America, all delivering best-in-class experience.

Colt Senior Account Executive, Dorra Ben Naceur, based in Paris as one of Colt's main European offices, says she spent her childhood living in different countries and that this has provided her with an appreciation of cultures - which she now applies to her work at Colt.

Living in different countries

"The most influential person in my life is my mum, for all the reasons that you’d say your mum. She’s an incredibly strong woman," says Dorra.

Dorra's family moved a lot when she was young because her dad was in the army – from Tunisia to South Africa, Gabon, the United States, London, France, and then back to Tunisia.

"When you’re a child you don’t think about it, you just live whatever life you have, but my mum had to be very present for us and be prepared for those changes," explains Dorra.

An appreciation of global cultures

When the family lived in Tunisia, Dorra's mother behaved according to Tunisian culture, even though she’s French. She wanted the family to respect both cultures and understand that they're part of both of them.

"I think that helps at Colt, where I work with people from all over the world – I never find myself asking why people behave in different ways. I live a French life now but I never forget the Tunisian parts of me," she says.

Enjoy an international career at Colt

Whether working at Colt's global headquarters in London or in one of its many European offices, employees make extraordinary connections with people all over the world.

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