Meet Colt Data Centre Services graduate Mireia Sospedra Parra

Meet Colt Data Centre Services graduate Mireia Sospedra Parra

 October 02, 2022

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Colt believes in giving graduate talent the opportunity to explore a variety of experience within its business functions.

The company has eight Graduate Scheme Programmes across five business functions, with each programme tailored to give employees the best learning and development experience within its teams, providing them with the responsibility to drive their projects forward.

Meet Mireia Sospedra Parra, a Data Centre Services (DCS) Graduate with Colt, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Opportunities to share knowledge

Mireia has always enjoyed learning and processing information, and supporting others has always come easy to her.

"So from a young age at school, I would help my twin sister and our friends with topics they struggled, as I could explain it in a way they understood," she says.

"I’m enjoying my time in Colt DCS as I’ve always wanted to work in a technical environment and it’s great to have the opportunity," comments Mireia.

Helping others during difficult times

"Before joining Colt’s Graduate Programme in Barcelona, I studied Industrial Engineering. I’ve always loved physics, and particularly topics around energy and transformation," explains Mireia.

"When the universities closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I offered to help my friends who were still studying as they were concerned about passing their final exams. So just like old times, I started hosting sessions to explain Electronics and Machine Theory, but this time using Google Hangout rather than over lunch in the cafeteria," she adds.

Sharing her love of learning

As well as helping others, Mireia has found that she benefits from these sessions too.

"In-between our revision sessions, my friends and I have been supporting each other by talking about how we’re feeling during this scary time," comments Mireia.

"Having struggled with my mental health before, I always try to remember it’s okay not to be okay and feeling down is not a sign of weakness. It costs nothing to be kind, but the impact can be transformative, just like the topic we study in Physics."

"With this in mind, I have now decided to offer free online lessons for kids who need help with Physics and Maths and can’t wait to share my love of learning with them," she concludes.

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