Colts culture enabled Meenakshi Lamba to achieve her fitness goals

Colt's culture enabled Meenakshi Lamba to achieve her fitness goals

 October 07, 2022

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Working for a company that offers a healthy work-life balance makes for a fulfilling personal and professional experience. 

While employees at Colt work hard to drive innovation, the company respects and promotes work-life balance.

Based in India, Meenakshi Lamba is a Lead Consultant, Production Support Management. Colt's flexible culture has enabled her to achieve personal fitness goals, growing in both strength and confidence.

Starting an exercise regime

Meenakshi decided to start focusing on her fitness, not for the way she looked, but to feel healthier. 

"Never before in my life had I been into sport but on 7th March 2016, I decided to go to my first Zumba class. That kicked off what has become a rigorous exercise regime. I’ve since lost 17 kilograms," she says.

"I’m very disciplined now – even when I’m on holiday, I never miss a workout. Colt is great at helping you maintain that work-life balance, it’s one of the main reasons I’m still happy here after 11 years."

Changing her life for the better

Deciding to change the way she was living her life was the biggest decision Meenakshi has ever made.

"It changed everything," she explains. "My wardrobe was different, my confidence was up, and my strength has only continued to grow. It also gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my determination to myself and others by taking on a challenge. Last October, I went to Australia with my family and I did skydiving. After all that I’ve achieved, I thought, why not?"

Be the best version of yourself at Colt

Colt strives to be the most customer oriented business in the industry, meaning the company puts its customers first in not only day-to-day operations but how it looks to shape the organization in the future. A key part of this is investing in employees like Meenakshi and creating a workplace where they can thrive.

Receive the support you need from your employer via a career at Colt.


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