Colts Gervaise Van Hille: Remain courageous, find inner confidence

Colt's Gervaise Van Hille: Remain courageous, find inner confidence

 October 26, 2022

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Colt believes in the power of many and stands shoulder to shoulder with customers, partners and colleagues, collaborating on ideas, sharing risks and recognition among all.

Meet Colt's Gervaise Van Hille, who looks after the Capital Markets sales team in France. She shares her advice for young women and explains why it is important to find a good home and work life rhythm.

"My advice for young women would be to be confident in themselves, be courageous... and most of all to find a good rhythm with life at home, and life at work," she says.

Finding her rhythm

Gervaise looks to inspire the people around her throughout her day, rather than looking for external sources of inspiration.

"I don't really have any role models in my life, and I'm not inspired by specific people. I rather look to inspire people around me," comments Gervaise.

"It's so important in my life to find the good rhythm between having time with my kid, with my husband, and having time as well in the office with my customers and my team," she adds.

Reconnecting with herself

As Colt's France Country Manager, Gervaise is responsible for the Capital Markers sales team in France. To find a good rhythm of life at home and life at work, Gervaise is committed to practicing yoga to connect with her self.

"I practice yoga at least twice a week, to try and just reconnect with myself, spending time in a quiet environment and be again connected with my body and my mind, just trying to be connected with what I am every day," explains Gervaise.

Being courageous and confident

When sharing the advice she would give to young women, Gervaise explains how it is important to remain courageous and find inner confidence.

"My advice for young women would be to be confident in themselves, and be courageous, don't be afraid, be proud actually of what they can do in the company, and trying to find this good rhythm between this life at home and life at work," she concludes.

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