Colt champions LGBTQ+ to forge an inclusive workplace

Colt champions LGBTQ+ to forge an inclusive workplace

 October 27, 2022

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Pride Matters is Colt's LGBTQ+ and Allies network, aiming to make Colt a more inclusive place for all.

Formed in 2019, the team has grown globally and has helped drive the message that Colt is inclusive, no matter how employees identify.

Ensuring people feel respected and included 

"I think nowadays people are much more supportive and inclusive but I'm conscious that there's still a certain nervousness in some communities, and in some countries even. So what we'd like to do is to make sure that people feel respected and included," says Caroline Griffin Pain, General Counsel, United Kingdom. 

"It means that we all have the right to be part of a society, of a company, of a group or community and that we should all have the same rights," continues Melanie Castelo, Global Reach Lead Coordinator.

Colt's LGBTQ+ pride journey 

Mikaela Rego, Sales Enablement Officer, United Kingdom, says: "It's been the first company that genuinely I feel like you have religion, you have different genders, you have people who come from different walks of life and functions and I haven't experienced that before until now, and I'm enjoying it."

Colt's LGBTQ+ journey includes: 

  • Inclusive family leave - Since launch, the network has helped with policy changes across the business, including the Global Parental Leave policy. By replacing previous traditional maternity and paternity leave with primary and secondary caregiver leave, it recognises same sex parents and families. 
  • Transition at work - Colt has also launched a transition at work policy to support employees who identify as trans to take the time out of work they need, and to support them on their journey as an employee of Colt.
  • Ally training - In 2020, the Pride Matters network launched LGBT+ ally training and have trained over 200 employees globally so far. The sessions help raise awareness of the LGBT+ community and the issues they face and demonstrate how to be an ally in and out of the workplace.

"Be proud of who you are and don't let anyone tell you it's wrong to be LGBTQ+. Love is love, let's focus on the bigger picture and support each other," says Mikaela. 

Colt Technology Services is an inclusive employer 

Colt prides itself on the diverse backgrounds of its employees as it know it brings unique insights and true local expertise.

Work for a company that has a global reach, with a deep local presence.

Embark on a new career at Colt.



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