Colt is a sustainability-focused employer driving positive change

Colt is a sustainability-focused employer driving positive change

 October 30, 2022

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Working for an environmentally-focused employer can be a rewarding and empowering career move.

Colt Technology Services' first Sustainability Report looks at how the company is delivering a positive impact – both internally and externally – from its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments and its ambitious targets to help drive those impacts forward by what it does as a company.

The report, which follows GRI Standards from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – one of the most recognised international standards used for companies to produce non-financial reports – also showcases the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Colt Group has contributed to the most in 2021.

Becoming a market leader in sustainability 

The report highlights how the company takes full accountability for its emissions and sets out Colt Technology Services clear goal of becoming a market leader in sustainability and driving positive change in the technology industry by reducing emissions and helping customers in their sustainability journey. This includes the company’s near-term emissions reduction targets approved by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) in 2021.

In addition to business and technology goals, the report underlines Colt Group’s commitment to its employees and the inclusion and diversity (I&D) agenda, believing that it performs better if employees come from different backgrounds and work in an environment of inclusion, where everyone can thrive.

Colt Technology Services CEO Keri Gilder, said: “Our sustainability commitments are front and centre of how we do business, and this is very much emphasised in the report. While this is the first time Colt has published information about ESG activity externally, it builds on elements we’ve already discussed and are core to our business, including our Carbon strategy, I&D programmes, and CSR initiatives.”

“Sustainability is all about collaboration and identifying our impact across the entire value chain. What we do can deliver positive impacts for our customers, as well as Colt, which is why we continue to focus on this across the business,” said Keri.

Committed to a strong, sustainable future 

As part of Colt Technology Services commitment to a strong, sustainable future for its business, the company subscribes to EcoVadis, a global index that benchmarks its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance against more than 75,000 other organisations across all industries. Its most recent industry ranking has placed Colt in the 97th percentile, with a score of 71. This has earned Colt a Gold medal and a place in the top 3 percent of telco companies registered for ESG performance.

Colt Technology Services is working towards Zero Waste to Landfill. This means the company is making a concerted effort to ensure all its waste is prevented where possible, reused or recycled. This includes waste from the network equipment, IT equipment, office equipment and supply chain.

Driving environmental engagement on a local level 

The company is proud to offer its employees opportunities to be sustainable at work. Colt Technology Services ‘Green Team’ initiative was started by a passionate group of employees in the UK in 2019.

In 2021 the initiative was rolled out globally, enabling employees in all countries to share their passion for the environment and work together to drive environmental engagement on a local level. Environmental Awareness training is mandatory for Colt Technology Services employees globally, ensuring that they are united in the vision of a greener Colt.

CEO, Keri Gilder, says, "My leadership team are highly committed to sustainability and its importance resonates at all levels of the business. We’re working closely with our supply chain on their impact and with our customers on the role that Colt can play on theirs."

The company's sustainability report states, "We support a circular, carbon-neutral and zero waste future with the help of information technology. We create a healthy, safe and inclusive workplace where everybody has an equal opportunity to thrive. We actively seek to promote diversity in our staffing along with greater empowerment and wellness for all our employees."

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Colt Technology Services is an employer committed to offering employment opportunities with a sustainability focus. 

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