Colt offers many rewarding opportunities for careers in sales

Colt offers many rewarding opportunities for careers in sales

 October 31, 2022

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Colt is a growing business that is investing in its people. The company values its employees, and it will give employees all the necessary support at every stage of their journey.

The company's sales team helps drive Colt's growth and brand awareness, ensuring that Colt is constantly evolving and improving business productivity. Whether Colt's customers work in the Enterprise, Strategic Alliances or Capital Markets space, they know Colt's salespeople are always working to get them the right solution to meet their business challenges.

Here some of Colt's employees share what it's like to work in sales with the company.

Careers are important to Colt

Colt's people set high standards and always strive for excellence. Employees are supporting Colt to be the most customer oriented business in its industry, and Colt expects all of its employees to embrace its challenger culture to deliver excellent customer service.

"We're a relatively small company however, we probably have one of the most amazing global presences. We're looking to be the high bandwidth provider of every single corporation that requires high bandwidth and the fact that we have the network enables us to be just that," says Colt Account Executive, Ritesh Raheja.

"The site's culture goal is going into a customer meeting will with good preparation, we get what the customer really needs, and then provide the best solution for them," comments Colt Senior Sales Engineer, Andreas Glag.

"There's going to be numerous obstacles before you can actually close the deal, so you will have to communicate a lot with different departments. You win as a team, and you have to work with people, that's something that a lot of people, including myself, really appreciate," explains Colt Account Executive, Quentin Guiral.

Opportunities for skill development

Upon joining Colt, employees enter a training program to prepare for their role with the company.

Colt provides skill development and the tools to help employees reach their full potential. Opportunities for career progression are an important part of an employee's time with Colt. Employees are rewarded for their performance, and the company helps to ensure they stay on track.

"You have to be really motivated to work here, you have to work hard. I think that you have to be a person always looking forward for your career and I think that this is the most important for the company," comments Colt Technical Analyst, Sharon Ardit.

"A science professional at Colt can expect that he's part of a bigger team, a part of an international team. That's support and also having the local touch," says Andreas.

Colt has a challenger culture

Employees start the year at Colt's annual sales kickoff, learning from its leaders and meeting its strategic partners. The company's annual reward program recognizes high performers, and could even jet employees across the world.

"We have a challenger culture and that's kind of saying 'you know, I think there's a better way that we could do this thing that we've been doing for a while', and there's never a wrong answer in that sense. That's always been an encouraging element," comments Colt's Customer Experience Improvement Manager, Rachel Meadows.

"My position has enabled me to be in contact with large enterprises that otherwise would probably never give me the time of day, and to be involved or to deal with companies like that directly doesn't have a price," adds Ritesh.

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