Mentoring and mindfulness drive Shashis career at Colt

Mentoring and mindfulness drive Shashi's career at Colt

 October 23, 2022

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A successful career hinges on community and connections, both of which are nurtured within Colt's women's network, Network 25

Network 25 promotes diversity and gender balance at Colt while engaging with all employees to enable Colt’s women to thrive. The network connects all kinds of people together through events to discuss important issues, mentoring to support women’s development and partnering with schools to work on equal opportunities for girls.

Colt Senior Manager in Process Management, Shashi, is a member of Network 25. She shares who she has grown personally and professionally with the support of her colleagues and leaders. 

Providing a platform for the women of Colt

For Shashi, Network 25 is part of the "constant change" transforming and progressing Colt. Network 25 provides a platform for women to network with each other and to talk freely about day-to-day issues they may have. 

Mentoring enables professional growth

Shashi describes the mentoring offered by Network 25 as a "great tool". 

"People don't understand how powerful it can be," she adds. 

Shashi herself has received mentoring from senior leaders at Colt, which enabled her to grow in her career. Mentoring also gave Shashi the motivation she needed to be a "torchbearer" for those who "need to find a way out of the dark". 

Using mindfulness in the workplace 

Another career tool for Shashi is mindfulness, a meditation practice. 

"Mindfulness actually helps me bring myself back throughout the day and helps me understand how we can declutter our minds," she says. "I can prioritize things easily, I can think more clearly. It gives me a platform to learn more from the different and various kind of expertise people brought to the table and the thought process in terms of strategy that actually helped me grow from a standard network engineer to do a management role."

Boost your career thanks to Colt's community of inspiring women

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