Colts Waka Sasaki hopes to inspire further women

Colt's Waka Sasaki hopes to inspire further women

 October 22, 2022

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Colt's employees are the company's greatest assets. Embedding diversity and inclusion into everything Colt does creates a stronger, more able workforce.

Meet Waka Sasaki, a Sales Trainer with Colt. She shares her insights into being a working mother and explains why she hopes her children choose their own path in life.

Advocating for working mothers

Waka enjoys working as a Sales Trainer, a role she had in the company she worked with prior to joining Colt. She is determined to retain her job as a woman, and as a mother, something that many women in Japan are struggling with.

As a mother, Waka makes the most out of the time she spends with her children, and the time she is working in Tokyo.

"My kids love after-school activities, so I take them to swimming, or ballet, or English," says Waka

"I really love the life in the countryside with my kids and come to the office to Tokyo, and that makes me feel powerful. I can feel like I'm really working," she adds.

Role model for her children

Waka acknowledges that as Colt employee, she has opportunities to decide on a schedule that fits with her life. This means that she is able to spend time raising her children, and also committing time for her work as a mother.

"I really want my kids to be independent, so they can choose their life, and they don't have to ask me or ask you anyone," comments Waka

"I want to be a role model for them, so I choose where I work. I can work from Tokyo and I can work from home. I can raise children, I can do anything."

"I also want to be the role model for the working mother in all of Japan as well," she says.

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