Colt women share their knowledge and experiences of Ramadan

Colt women share their knowledge and experiences of Ramadan

 October 15, 2022

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Ramadan is a month dedicated to Muslims observing fasting from dawn to dusk all around the world. The time is usually spent with loved ones, communities, and being charitable. The purpose of Ramadan is to connect, reflect, and improve oneself mentally and spiritually.

Three women at Colt share their personal knowledge and experiences of the holy month of Ramadan to help others understand this important month in the Muslim calendar.

One of the most special times of the year

Ramadan is the most special time of year for Muslims, a month that Colt Business Partner Marketing Executive, Samrah Akhtar, explains is dedicated to "reflecting, growing and improving oneself spiritually and mentally."

"During the month, Muslims observe fasting from dawn to dusk no matter their faith or belief. The purpose of Ramadan is truly beneficial for all."

Helping those less fortunate 

Colt Cyber Security Graduate, Hafsah Fazlanie, explains that one of the five pillars of Islam is giving to charity, otherwise known as Zakat, an Arabic term which means purification. Muslims are encouraged to provide 2.5 per cent of their worth to charity every year.

"Paying Zakat in the holy month of Ramadan is extra rewarding as every good deed is being multiplied by 70 times. It is also our way of showing gratefulness and helping others who are less fortunate than us," says Hafsah.

A time of self-reflection

As well as focusing on others, Hafsah also focuses on herself during Ramadan through self-reflection, particularly considering her feelings and how she can become a better human being.

"Every day I like to write my reflections on sticky notes and build up on them as the days go by," explains Hafsah.

Spirit of togetherness 

While Ramadan is a time for reflection and prayer, Colt Cyber Security Associate, Farah Iqbal, explains how cooking also plays a huge part because of the spirit of togetherness. 

"We tend to make lots of dishes, we spend time with loved ones, and we love to break our fasts generously," she says.

"In my family, we usually only have things like samosas, spring rolls and kebabs reserved for Ramadan and Eid, which is what makes it extra special. We would usually invite friends and family over to open the fast with us. We would also distribute food to our neighbors," adds Farah.

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