Colt CEO Keri Gilder shares key technology and connectivity trends

Colt CEO Keri Gilder shares key technology and connectivity trends

 January 31, 2023

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Colt is the global digital infrastructure company that delivers extraordinary connections with genuine care. The company brings together amazing people, intelligent networks and like-minded partners on a global scale to create solutions that put the power of the digital universe in the hands of Colt's customers.

Colt's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Keri Gilder is responsible for executing Colt’s strategy that centres around transforming the way the world works through the power of connectivity.

Keri shares her views of the anticipated technology and connectivity trends in News in the Channel article.

Learn more about Keri's views of what lies ahead.

Technology trends will inform business strategy

Keri anticipates that there will be several key technology and connectivity trends that will inform business and management strategy.

"The Future of Work will continue to influence technology adoption, as organisations formalise hybrid work policies and invest in the technologies they need to support their goals," says Keri.

Keri believes that businesses will continue to invest in, and migrate applications to, the cloud as they look to generate value, boost flexibility, increase scalability and increase automation.

"Indeed, 73 per cent of IT leaders are likely to spend the biggest proportion of cloud investment within two years," comments Keri.

"Building on this, multi-cloud strategies will be prevalent, with 94 per cent of large companies expected to move to one in or by 2023, according to Statista. Industries that have traditionally been more cautious about switching to the cloud – such as financial services – are likely to move more front office applications across."

Business are set to use the metaverse to trial new opportunities

Keri also anticipates that the business case for the metaverse will become more defined, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare, she says: "71 per cent of business executives in a recent Accenture survey said the metaverse would be good for the enterprise, while 42 per cent believe it will be ‘breakthrough’ or ‘transformational’."

"In 2023, businesses are set to extend their planning for use cases of the metaverse, as a virtual testing environment, trialling new opportunities. " adds Keri.

Emergence of enhanced cybersecurity capabilities

Keri explains that security will continue to be front of mind for all organisations. She expects to see enhanced cybersecurity capabilities emerging, as vendors bring to market innovative solutions that deliver greater levels of protection against risk. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of things (IoT) will continue to play key roles in the industry’s development of sophisticated features and capabilities.

"It is likely that the enterprise use case for 5G will mature. PwC say 5G will reach a tipping point in 2023, with the US reaching 75 per cent coverage. It is likely therefore enterprises will optimise this accessibility with a hybrid approach to networking, backing their private 5G networks with digital infrastructure including on-demand fibre networks," comments Keri.

"I am excited about the growth of SmartX – particularly cities, offices and buildings – which is set to accelerate in 2023 and beyond. The number of smart buildings globally is expected to reach 115 million in 2026 – its currently 45 million – according to Jupiter research, as sustainability goals, including reducing energy consumption and a drive to zero carbon emission, drive this."

Industry creating a connected ecosystem

Keri has no doubt that the year ahead is going to be a game changing year for enterprises, as tech firms cross boundaries and deliver exciting intelligent technologies with smarter, faster, more powerful capabilities.

"It will be the year of on-demand networking; that 5G shows its incredible worth to businesses; and when the industry truly comes together to create a connected, seamless global ecosystem with customer experience at its core," concludes Keri.

Keri's impressive career in leadership

Keri has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management Information Systems (MIS) from New Mexico State University. Keri lives in London with her husband and two children and is based at Colt’s head office in London.

Prior to her role as Colt's CEO, Keri was Colt’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), leading global teams across sales, presales and marketing, as well as working closely with the wider organisation to ensure Colt delivered for its customers.

Keri is passionate about promoting Inclusion and Diversity to ensure Colt is a business where everyone feels they can bring their true selves to work. In addition, Keri brings this passion to the wider industry as the Chair of the TM Forum’s Diversity and Inclusion Council and President of the Global Telecom Women's Network.

Before joining Colt, Keri held several leadership roles at Ciena, including its Vice President and General Manager EMEA, responsible for guiding Ciena’s EMEA service provider and enterprise customers, as well as partners. Prior to Ciena, Keri worked in multiple roles for Lucent Technologies, and she has also worked for Hughes Aircraft as a Network Engineer.

Embark on a successful career in technology and connectivity

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