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AECOM Philippines engineer Jam Espelita embraces equity

AECOM Philippines engineer Jam Espelita embraces equity

 March 20, 2023

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To mark International Women's Day, AECOM Senior Specialist in Project Controls, Jam Espelita, explained how she embraces equity both in her career at AECOM and also in her personal life.

“I embrace equity in my career by pursuing a job most people think is only pursued by men: engineering,” explained Jam. "I believe women have the intellect, the skills, and the heart to be a leader, and be someone who can make a difference in the workplace." 

"As a wife, I embrace equity in my personal life, as I'm given equal responsibility to make decisions about our family with the loving support of my husband," she added. 

Supporting high-impact sustainable development

As a key member of the project team, Jam ensures that complex AECOM projects are successfully delivered to time, budget, specification, and quality.

Jam is based in Manila, capital of the Philippines, a country that, with one of the fastest growing economies in the world, places great importance on high-impact sustainable infrastructure development

AECOM’s work in the Philippines, supported by talented employees such as Jam, runs across various sectors and industries in the country that support this growth.

Solving clients' toughest engineering challenges

Jam is one of many women working in the engineering sector at AECOM, which sees clients in every region of the world turning to AECOM to solve their toughest engineering challenges: the longest bridges, the most energy-efficient buildings, the deepest tunnels, the cleanest energy plants, the most sensitive and secure facilities.

Building a diverse workplace to deliver a better world

Tackling these challenges requires AECOM to embrace equity by building diverse. AECOM attracts, hires, and develops talented people of all backgrounds, and ensures inclusivity and fairness in its sourcing, interview and hiring processes. 

AECOM's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion enables the company to better anticipate clients’ needs, understand the challenges facing communities, drive innovation that propels the industry forward, and realize the company's purpose of delivering a better world. 

AECOM embraces equity in the workplace and beyond

An inclusive and progressive workplace can be a very empowering place to build a career. And AECOM knows the importance of championing equity. 

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