Top employer Colt has an impressive focus on sustainability

Top employer Colt has an impressive focus on sustainability

 June 28, 2023

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Want to work for a sustainability employer? Colt Technology Services keeps sustainability high on its company agenda and has tabled its second annual Sustainability Report.

Colt CEO Keri Gilder says: "I am incredibly proud to present our second annual sustainability report. Since the first report, we have set more ambitious targets, doubled down on working with our supply chain and received significant recognition for our efforts. Our ESG (Environment, Sustainability & Governance) commitments are at the heart of how we do business and our approach is ESG by design; this means we build ESG principles into everything we do, and we do so from the outset."

ESG pioneering innovation 

ESG is at the heart of everything Colt does, the solutions it offers and the pioneering innovation it creates. 

The company works to four core pillars: 

1. Sustainable growth through digital infrastructure 

Colt products and services become an enabler to society and the environment by creating: 

  • A greener network through innovation such as SDN and AI
  • Digital transformation driven efficiently through modernising our infrastructure
  • Empowering a more sustainable society through digital services and remote workforce

Colt is tracking progress by:

  • Setting minimum ESG requirements for partnerships
  • Enabling customers to use our emissions data for reporting
  • Embedding ESG into product sheets

2. Becoming the sustainable supplier of choice 

Colt ESG activities support its customers and become the differentiator for Colt with:

  • Near- and long-term Science-based Targets
  • A robust approach to Scope 3 reduction
  • Zero waste to landfill & Circularity plan
  • Signing up suppliers to Code of Conduct and ESG goals

Colt is tracking progress by:

  • Reduction in scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions
  • Increase in waste diverted from landfill
  • Smarter purchasing options

3. Community, trust & social impact 

Colt sustainability

Colt's purpose, vision and values are used for the good of the communities in which its operates by:

  • Engagement with charities and community initiatives
  • A social impact strategy that connects digital infrastructure to community wellbeing
  • Understanding the impact we’re having

Colt is tracking progress by:

  • Tracking number of volunteering days
  • Charitable giving and local initiatives

4. Innovative, great and inclusive place to work 

Colt's business benefits from diversity of thought and a true sense of belonging with:

  • Educating the business on inclusive behaviours
  • Focus on attraction and retention of diverse talent
  • Optimising accessibility and reducing barriers
  • Inclusive workplace policies
  • Empowering employee networks to make an impact

Colt is tracking progress by:

  • Gender targets - including specific to leadership roles
  • Training on key issues for everyone at Colt
  • Gathering data to set baselines

Digital trust, responsibility and governance 

Colt drives positive change, creates trust, works ethically and reports transparently backed by data.

Colt holds itself to the highest standards. For example, its annual sustainability report is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Reporting Index (GRI).

Colt is tracking progress by:

  • EcoVadis rating
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Binding Corporate Rules

Read Colt's full ESG report

Work for a sustainability-focused employer like Colt

Working for a company with sustainability at its heart can prove very rewarding.

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