Looking to embark on an exciting career in tech? Join Colt in India

 July 17, 2023

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Colt's people are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises.

Colt people support their colleagues to do an exceptional job.

They like to tell it like it is. They are not creatures of habit, but instead are hungry to learn more about customers and the business.

This is reflected in how and where Colt works as it offers a creative working environment for employees across Europe, Asia and the US.

Search jobs with Colt in over over 21 countries.

Colt's UK office and global headquarters is situated in Shoreditch in London which ties in with Colt's exciting and vibrant culture.

A leading high-bandwidth service provider

"Colt is a high-bandwidth service provider and our mission is to enable our customers digital transformation through agile on-demand and high bandwidth service solutions. It gives a huge value add to the overall strategy," says Colt Director for Service Delivery, Rajneesh Gupta. 

Start your career at Colt 

Colt encourages women candidates to apply and to join the company. 

Apply for a role with Colt and forge an exciting career.


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