Theramex raises awareness about womens health at work & beyond

Theramex raises awareness about women's health at work & beyond

 August 22, 2023

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Theramex knows that focusing on women's health in the workplace and beyond is key.

Theramex helps raise awareness about how Uterine Fibroids are the most common cause of non-cancerous pelvic tumours amongst women in their reproductive years.

"At Theramex, we are passionate about highlighting different health issues and encouraging women to talk more openly and confidently about how they are affected. Janet Kettels, Communications Consultant, discusses the wide-ranging impact Uterine Fibroids has had on her life, and why we need to change the way we talk about this condition," said Theramex.

"Unfortunately, many don’t realise they have them, whilst others suffer in pain and distress without knowing the root cause," commented the company.

An advocate for open conversations 

To help raise attention and learn more about Uterine Fibroids, Communications Consultant Janet Kettels shared her experience about being diagnosed and advocates for open conversations about this often misunderstood condition.

Discussing the lack of support and treatment, Janet said: "I wasn't offered connections to patient organizations, there was no literature and I didn't have any offer of pharmacotherapy. We're due a conversation around what this condition really is for women, the data around its impact and what that does to quality of life and confidence."

Janet is a Principal Consultant at Decisive with a passion for creating solutions-oriented communications strategies. She has 25 years experience developing high-impact programs that shift views and motivate. She is a trusted communications leader with expertise in managing issues, M&A, strategic brand and executive communications as well as internal communications, enterprise change, and digital transformation. A pharmacist by training, she has worked with medical devices, pharmaceuticals and within the OTC space in a host of therapy areas including eye care, neurology, vaccines, virology, infection diseases, oncology and women's health.

Work for women's health company, Theramex

Theramex consistently focuses on women's health and offers many impactful career opportunities for talented women. 

Working for this leading company.

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