Theramex knows inclusion inspires future generations

Theramex knows inclusion inspires future generations

 February 29, 2024

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Working for an employer that supports the health needs of women through every stage of life, and encourages women and girls to pursue their interests in STEM fields, can offer a highly rewarding career path.

In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Theramex focused on women and girls as agents of change in the world. 

Championing the health needs of women and girls

Theramex knows women have the power to improve the world and create a more sustainable, peaceful future. And yet, the Global Gender Gap Report 2023 specifies that women  only hold 29.2 per cent of jobs in STEM.

The company is committed to closing this gap by championing the health needs of women and girls, so they can innovate, experiment, and create at every stage of life.

Supporting women at every stage of their lives and careers

Theramex believes that everyone can all make a difference by encouraging women and girls to pursue their interests, knowing they’ll have support at every step.

"Women in science not only bring fresh and diverse perspectives but also accelerate more scientific advancements. Our inclusion inspires future generations and encourages girls to pursue careers in fields of Science," said Theramex Medical Affairs Associate, Amisha Patel.

"Our ability to multitask yet focus on details, our compassion and our inherent need to care are all innate qualities that make it easier and extremely rewarding to do critical jobs in STEM fields," commented Theramex Consultant, IT Programme Manager, Jenny Eve.

"By having an equal balance of men and women in STEM, we can create more effective teams through differences. This leads to greater collaboration and innovation, resulting in more engaged employees, and ultimately, organisations and society," shared Theramex IT Support Engineer, Nasser Ahmad.

Theramex is a great place to work

Theramex great place to work

Theramex has three core principles that drive the company's ambition and success: its values, the unique company culture, and its engaged and dynamic team of professionals.

Theramex thrives on its employees’ fresh ideas and innovation to accelerate growth. It creates an environment where employees feel empowered to take decisions and make things happen. Theramex also rewards excellent performance and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team, welcoming applicants from all backgrounds.

The company encourages a positive, can-do attitude that gives our employees the confidence to use their initiative and share ideas freely. As a result, Theramex is a team of highly engaged and empowered employees, who are transforming the lives of women around the world throughout their Theramex career.

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