Theramex helps tackle unequal access to menopause care

Theramex helps tackle unequal access to menopause care

 April 30, 2024

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A career that works to help eradicate the gender health gap can prove very rewarding.

Theramex is a women's health company dedicated to supporting the health needs of all women as they advance through each life stage. The company is committed to reducing the gender health gap and empowering women to make informed decisions about how to manage the natural cycles and stages of their life.

A groundbreaking report launched by Theramex 

Theramex menopause report

Theramex has launched a groundbreaking report. Tackling Unequal Access to Menopause Care identifies the barriers preventing women from accessing women’s health services and showcases initiatives in place across the UK which aim to reduce these barriers.

Theramex collaborated with clinicians across the UK to raise awareness of the challenges women face in receiving menopause support in the UK and advocate for improved care.

"Knowledge is power, and with this report, we aim to empower everyone to create a more supportive and equal environment for women," explained Theramex. "Let's spread the word and strive for Equal Health For Her."

Menoapuse is a priority health issue in the workplace and beyond

Theramex developed the report to pinpoint barriers preventing women from accessing women’s health services, highlight initiatives are in place across the UK to improve access, and reinforce the need for equal menopause treatment access. "We believe that every woman deserves the best treatment for her unique journey. It's time we treat menopause as more than just a phase, but as a priority health issue. This report is more than just words – it's a call for change and a blueprint for improving women's health services across the UK," said the company.

Equal health for her

The report is the first step in Theramex’s latest campaign, Equal Health for Her, aiming to highlight the inequalities in, and improve the standards of, women’s health in the UK.

"Shining a light on the lottery of access to essential menopause care, this report highlights not only the scale of the issue, but also provides a set of data-led policy recommendations to take into the year ahead. Theramex hopes that decision-makers can implement these recommendations to address some of the barriers preventing women from accessing health services and treatment," explained Theramex.

A manifesto of empowerment

The report uncovers the menopause experience and tackles unequal access to treatment. "This isn’t just numbers and data – it's a manifesto of empowerment," said Theramex.
Theramex also thanked the charity Wellbeing of Women for their support of the campaign.

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