Dolores Currie at Colt Technology shares her experience as a leader

Dolores Currie at Colt Technology shares her experience as a leader

 October 19, 2023

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Women at Colt Technology Services are respected industry professionals, and recently Colt's Dolores Currie co-hosted BYP Network's first fire-side webinar, Build Success: Bringing Your True Self to Work and Time Management Mastery.

The webinar was aimed at aspiring professionals looking to begin their career in the dynamic world of telecommunications, those looking for invaluable insights to further their career, and people simply after some great inspiration.

A trailblazing black female leader 

Colt Dolores Currie

Dolores is one of Colt Technology’s trailblazing women leaders.

As Director of Business Management & Transformation, Dolores boasts a distinguished career in Telecoms spanning more than 30 years and has had to navigate her fair share of obstacles and challenges.

Her remarkable achievements are not only a testament to her unparalleled expertise but also a testament to her unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech sector.

An illustrious career 

During the webinar, Dolores shared her personal and professional journey, offering a unique perspective on the challenges she has faced and conquered throughout her illustrious career. Her story is one of resilience, determination, and triumph, and resonated with those looking to excel in a competitive industry.

Key topics that Dolores covered included:

  • Overcoming Gender and Racial Barriers: Dolores provided invaluable insights into how she navigated the telecommunications landscape as a black female leader
  • Navigating the Corporate Ladder: Dolores spoke about strategies for career growth and leadership development in a rapidly evolving industry
  • Building Inclusive Work Environments: Dolores discussed her advocacy for diversity and inclusion, and how it contributes to business success
  • Q&A Session: Dolores answered some of those burning questions to provide personalized advice for career journeys

An inspiring experience 

The webinar proved to be an inspiring and empowering experience for all.

Three key takeaways from the webinar are:

  • How to bring your authentic self to work each and every day
  • How to unite diverse teams
  • Successfully multitask and effectively time-manage

Colt Technology Services employs inspirational women 

Colt Technology Services is an employer that values and champions women. 

Inspired by Dolores' expert industry knowledge?

Take on a new role at Colt Technology Services.


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