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 November 29, 2023

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Colt Technology Services knows its people are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises, all the while supporting their colleagues to do an exceptional job. They like to tell it like it is, they are not creatures of habit but instead are hungry to learn more about Colt's customers, and its business.

Colt believes that collaboration produces the best work, so its Parisian office is a light, open-plan space with different functions sat alongside each other to nurture the company's culture of knowledge-sharing.

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Nurturing a culture of knowledge-sharing

Colt's colleagues learn to work with different people, different mentalities, meaning they learn the key skill of communication.

"People are the main principal asset that Colt has, not only here in France, but on an overall basis in every single location," commented Colt Senior Legal Advisor, Carolina Morales.

"In the Paris office we have open space everywhere, we have no closed offices or closed desks. We have a very nice place to work and there is a real synergy with the people," said a further Colt employee.

An office based in Paris but globally connected

Paris is a hub for large-scale national and European businesses. A Colt office in Paris means that Colt is close to its clients and to the heartbeat of the market. Not only that, but Colt's state-of-the-art facilities also give the company the availability to work with colleagues wherever they may be.

In relation to being situated in Paris, a Colt employee said: "It's awesome because it's very nice place. You have many cafés, you have many restaurants, I think it's a very nice area."

"The office is very near from Paris, ten minutes by metro or around half an hour by walk," added Carolina.

"You can work in Paris, you can work in London, you can work from Frankfurt or Madrid. Everywhere we have the same spirit. There is one brand, there is one direction where everybody wants to go and Colt is a nice place to work because we know where we are, and we know exactly where we're going tomorrow," commented a further Colt employee.

Colt is, by definition and by nature, a connected business. Wherever Colt's people are in the world and whichever function they're a part of, they are responsible for delivering the company vision by working together in their rewarding Colt career.

Colt provides business-to-business (b2b) services to its customers, helping them be more digital and ensure that customers can have a seamless network.

From London to Hong Kong, Frankfurt to Gurgaon, Paris to Tokyo, and beyond, Colt not only connects businesses around the world, but its network of people has the same global reach.

Embark on a career with Colt's network of bright, connected minds

Colt's teams are made up over 5,000 people located around the world, working together to deliver a best-in-class experience between Europe, Asia and North America.

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