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 November 29, 2023

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Colt Technology Services is committed to offering a creative working environment for its employees across Europe, Asia and the US. Its dedicated colleagues are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises, and consistently support one another to do an exceptional job.

Colt focuses on the impact good ideas can have, so the Japan team prides itself on creating an open environment where all employees can define their Colt career with the effort they put in and the skills they develop with the company.

Creating an open work environment

Colt is a telecommunications company that offers digital infrastructure solutions to help grow businesses, all with the same extraordinary customer experience.

In the Japan team, there are Colt colleagues who do speak the native Japanese language, but there is also a lot of people who don't and are able to contribute to the business because of the fact that Colt has so many interactions with the company's other global counterparts.

Therefore, there is a great sense of teamwork and communication within the Colt team, as all people work together to achieve impressive outcomes throughout their career with Colt.

"Colt is a challenger. We are flexible, we're proactive, and we really prioritize the customers needs," explained Colt Asia, Head of Legal, Mika Yano.

A further Colt colleague said: "Everyone at Colt is fiercely independently driven, but also really driven towards a common objective. So, when you have this mix of people wanting to do the best they possibly can for themselves, whilst doing the best they can for the company, it creates this highly performing culture where everyone is looking for new ways to add value for them themselves and you."

Globally connected with a team based in Tokyo

Colt's Tokyo team is multicultural with a global outlook and a strong sense of working together for a common goal.

The company's working space is a very open and inspiring place to work and is perfectly located to enjoy Tokyo's best activities and entertainment.

Colt's Tokyo office is based in the center of it all, ideally located near a huge park, great restaurants and bustling shopping streets.

"It's a really exciting city. If you wish to access anything, you can do it every day. The Roppongi office is close to everything, there's a great park nearby, but at the same time there are so many restaurants if you're a foodie, so it's a really convenient location," commented Colt Pricing Director, Eri Hanamitsu.

"The Tokyo office is a beautiful place, it really is a dynamic place, and it provides a lot of opportunity for growth," added a further Colt employee.

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With an open, inclusive workspace, Colt encourages all employees to be curious, to contribute to the culture, and to challenge the status quo.

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