Colt Technology Services CEO Keri Gilder is Woman of the Year

Colt Technology Services CEO Keri Gilder is Woman of the Year

 December 14, 2023

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Colt Technology Services employs impressive, award-winning women.

Having a female CEO is inspiring, expecially when she is celebrated by industry. CEO Keri Gilder has won Network X's prestigious Woman of the Year Award

"We’re thrilled to congratulate our CEO, Keri Gilder, for winning the prestigious Network X Woman of the Year award! Keri has made an incredible contribution to the telcommunications industry, driving innovation, customer experience, and industry transformation," commented  Colt Technology Services

Offering latest insights and growth strategies 

The Awards were held at a Network X event in Paris featuring expert speakers and exhibitors from across the world and the digital ecosystem.

Attendees heard from and connect edwith global leaders from telco and technology giants, start-ups, non-profits, standard bodies, and innovators. 

The event also offered latest insights and growth strategies according to global telecoms experts.

Join the many inspirational women at Colt Technology Services 

Colt Technology Services encourages its women to shine. 

Looking for a career that has endless opportunities?

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