Inga Haskamp thrives on Colt Technology Services teamwork

Inga Haskamp thrives on Colt Technology Services teamwork

 January 10, 2024

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Colt Technology Services women make a difference through their work.

The teams at Colt are full of ambitious, driven people, all working together towards one shared purpose: to put the power of the digital universe in the hands of its customers wherever, whenever and however they want.

Meet Inga Haskamp, she's a Sales Operation Channel Partner in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Exploring her creativity and learning new things is really important to Inga, plus she thjrives on meeting new people.

Reconnecting with her artistic side 

"I recently signed up for a weekly professional makeup course to reconnect with the artistic side of myself," says Inga. 

"Applying makeup is much more than just applying products to the skin, it’s quite technical. With each person, you must choose the right products to suit their skin type, and then there are so many different possibilities and approaches you can take. For me, it’s about understanding the person and being able to highlight their personality through the art of makeup."

"Each week on the course there are different teachers with their own unique styles and techniques. I really enjoy learning from them, and I have a new appreciation for professional makeup artists. Did you know that during Fashion Week, two makeup artists are working on each side of the model’s face?! They work under a lot of pressure and must collaborate effectively to be able to deliver consistent results."

The power of teamwork 

Inga truly believes in the power of teamwork. "For me, collaboration is the key to success," she says.  "And this is something I value a lot while working at Colt Technology Services."

"I find my role quite cross-functional, and I get to work with many different people from different parts of the business. This enables me to understand other perspectives, share knowledge, and find new ways of working. It makes me enjoy my role even more knowing that the skills I’m learning and using at Colt are like those of professional makeup artists during some really important moments in their careers."

Colt has an ambitious driven workforce 

Colt Technology Services provides its people with lots of great opportunities to inspire and lead teams, and to work on projects that connect people, cities, businesses, and ideas.

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