Colt Senior Lead Analyst Megha Kohli pursues her creative side

Colt Senior Lead Analyst Megha Kohli pursues her creative side

 February 23, 2024

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Looking to work for a company that values the different perspectives brought by diverse global teams where each individual can pursue all aspects of their personality?

Colt Technology Services maintains a culture where everyone can truly thrive, and has a fair chance to develop and progress their career.

Meet a Colt Senior Lead Analyst in India, Megha Kohli, as she shares how she feels supported by colleagues to maintain her creative side through her career with Colt.

Megha's role with Colt is very analytical and very numbers-driven. She loves it, however she also likes to ensure that she actively maintain her creative side.

"That’s also why I picked up secondary roles at Colt in the Diversity and Events teams. At first I was worried about what my manager would think in terms of my workload, but everyone here is so supportive, no-one’s ever told me no," says Megha.

Growing up with a storytelling tradition

Megha explains that when she was a child, she had a ritual in her family. Along with her siblings and cousins, Megha would sit around her grandmother as she would tell the most wonderful stories.

"They weren’t your usual stories – they always involved spirits or magical entities and were always set in faraway places. We would listen every single night after dinner without fail – the only time," Megha comments.

"My grandmother passed away 15 years ago, and though I was too young to fully understand the loss, I realised I was beginning to forget these beautiful stories, so I started writing them all down."

Megha shares that she loves to write. Whenever she travels anywhere, Megha keeps a diary to just capture the moment in that place.

"I’ve been doing it for 12 years and I keep all the diaries on my shelf. I love to take pictures when I travel and share them on Instagram with my experience of that place," says Megha.

Supported to pursue her creative side

With an open, inclusive workspace, Colt encourages its employees to be curious, to contribute to the culture and to challenge the status quo. Having this open dialogue is critical to the company's ability to generate new ideas as a team, which drives real growth.

Work for an employer actively investing in its people

Colt is committed to building a culture where everyone can thrive and enjoy a fair chance to develop and progress.

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