Colt is one of the worlds most LGBTQIA+ inclusive employers

Colt is one of the world's most LGBTQIA+ inclusive employers

 March 06, 2024

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Colt Technology Services is committed to diversity and inclusion through LGBT+ History Month and beyond, and consistently creates a safe space for all individuals to bring their true selves to work.

Colt is recognized by UNLEASH, a global digital media and events business that delivers news, analysis and market trends for HR, technology, learning and recruitment leaders, as one of the world's most inclusive employers.

Learn more about Colt's commitment to embedding diversity and inclusion in all that it does, and hear from Colt's Chief Legal Officer, Caroline Griffin Pain, as she discusses the company's collaborative approach to creating a safe and supportive work environment.

Taking the lead on employee experience

Everyone deserves to work for a company that’s diverse, inclusive, and allows each and every individual to bring their true selves to work. However, some businesses are better than others at supporting their employees, particularly those who are LGBTQIA+.

Colt is recognized as one of the world’s most inclusive employers that is taking the lead on employee experience, with a commitment to pioneering change.

The company values the different perspectives brought by its diverse global teams and is building a culture where everyone can thrive, and have a fair chance to develop and progress throughout their Colt career.

Embedding inclusion into company policies

Colt inclusive policies

With four strategic pillars: leadership and governance, inclusive culture, diverse representation, and equitable business practices, Colt is a world leader for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

As a company, Colt focuses on ‘Actioning Inclusion’.

“Our collaborative approach sees our DEI team and Pride Matters – our global LGBTQ+ and allies’ network – working on building safe spaces, raising awareness, and embedding inclusion into our policies and ways of working,” says Caroline.

“Our compassionate leave policy recognizes chosen family and we have educated colleagues on allyship. We’ve introduced a Transitioning at Work policy and guidance because feeling safe, supported, and included at work is everyone’s right. We also partner with other tech businesses to support the LGBTQIA+ community and drive change because no one organization can do this alone,” she adds.

Forge a successful career at Colt

Colt Technology Services knows the power of connectivity relies on a culture of openness and inclusion.

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